Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia – Building on Experience

Trageschule UK

The Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia is a babywearing school. Our courses lead to a qualification as a babywearing consultant. In addition, Trageschule CIC is an accredited provider of CPD, which may be of interest if you are a midwife, GP, nurse, or other professional.

At the Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia we are building on nearly 20 year’s experience. Trageschule courses have been tried and tested in over 15 countries and have been developed to adapt to each country’s specific needs.

Our courses  build on the experience that our consultants already have. Every participant comes to us with a different knowledge and backgrounds.

Our courses aim to enable each participant to use their own personal knowledge and combine it with the Trageschule knowledge so they can pass it on to the next generation of parents.

We value research and evidence-based information, and we are really grateful for the ongoing contributions and support of our Board of Medical Advisors, and that of our other Professional Advisors.

We have been working with Ulrike Hower of Die Trageschule Dresden ® to develop our courses, and, just like other consultants of Die Trageschule Dresden ®, we aspire to embrace the following principles both in our work with course participants, and parents:

– Believing in Individuality
– Empathetic Listening
– Clear, buy accutane isotretinoin Exact and Creative Methods for helping others learn

Trageschule’s commitment to quality and excellence also means that consultants are required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date by continuous professional development.

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