Manchester Trageschule mini-conference, 17-18 May 2014

I have been inspired to offer this event after my experience of Dresden mini-conference this year. Remembering so many requests for a Trageschule CPD and networking event, I’m excited to announce the dates for a mini-conference (provisionally, Manchester or within an hour from it, venue tbc) 17-18 May 2014 :).

Many of Trageschule-trained babywearing consultants feel passionate about maintaining the quality and safety of the support that buying accutane they offer to parents. Keeping their skills and knowledge up-to-date is a part of it. Therefore, we offer further levels of training – e.g. Advanced and Certification course, and CPD events. Given that Trageschule Dresden ® carrying techniques get updated, we share these at the further levels of training courses and CPD events.

Trageschule also asks those who trained with us to attend either the next level of Trageschule training or Trageschule CPD event at least once every three years. I am glad to say that many of those who have trained with us go for further training sooner than that.  The event attendees receive a certificate of attendance, so that they have an evidence for their clients of keeping their training up-to-date.

Excitingly, Sabine Hertz, a Kinaesthetics Infant Handling trainer, has kindly agreed to offer a taster workshop of Kinaesthetics Infant Handling for Babywearing Consultants at the event. Sabine is a co-author of ‘Baby in Balance’. Stay tuned for programme and more information about other workshops.

We ask for £200 for the event, as it offers similar hours of CPD as an Advanced and Certification course, with the extra of at least a couple of workshops on top, and an opportunity to network with more people from more locations across the UK and further afield .

If you are interested in reserving your space or have any questions about the event, please email me at olga @ (delete the gaps in this email address 🙂 ). I look forward to seeing you there :)!

Given that Trageschule Dresden ® carrying techniques get updated, we share these at the further levels of training courses and CPD events.

Trageschule course in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia – June 2013

As I’m settling back in the UK for the autumn, getting ready for the next lot of Trageschule courses in the UK, I want to share some happy memories of the courses this summer with you :).

The first Russian course in 2013 was in June 2013 in Tomsk. It was worth it traveling there for pretty much 24 hours (including airport layovers!) and arriving there at 6am and facing 4 degrees Centigrade temperatures outside the airport! [Luckily for all of us, it did warm up to mid-twenties on the following days!]

Huge thanks to Ol’ga Pleskan’ and Alla Kornilova for organising the course :), and for inviting me. The course participants hailed from Tumen’, Irkutsk and the area of Novokuznetsk, as well as from Tomsk itself.

It has been amazing to support everyone on the course in deepening their skills and knowledge for the work buy isotretinoin with the parents that they do. It’s also been absolutely amazing to hear from some of you after the course (you know who you are!), and to be told about the successes that you had helping parents learn babywearing with Trageschule techniques and the approach :)!

And it’s also been wonderful to see some of Tomsk after the course hours – I am sharing some pictures of it here for you to enjoy :).

If you want to join us on the Foundation course, we have courses coming up in the UK in autumn :). We still have spaces on London and Doncaster courses in October, and Dublin (Ireland) course in November :). Please get in touch with for more information and to book. I’m looking forward to you joining us there!

Some wonderful feedback on the Advanced Course…

I’m feeling touched and warm and joyful, reading this unsolicited feedback :). I share it with the author’s permission (thank you!), keeping the name confidential (as requested).

“I was going to email you anyway to say how helpful I found the notes from our advanced course when I was (finally!) planning my first workshop – it was yesterday morning with a group of 5 plus a couple of extra adults as carers and the focus was introduction to back carrying. I found it a great help to read through all my notes and the handouts beforehand<…>

So I would like to say a heartfelt thank you, not only for what we covered on the advanced course but also for being an example that I want to follow. If I put people at ease, show that I value order accutane their hopes and needs and come across as being honest myself half as well as you do then I feel I’ll be on the right track!”

One of the things that I really love is hearing how the Consultants who trained with me are doing after the course. And it’s wonderful to be reminded, once again, how what I did during Trageschule training has supported you to support the parents, feel competent and confident when doing so, and satisfied with the work done :)!

And I want to thank all of you who trained with me for you feedback and support and for keeping in touch :)!

If you are interested in joining us for an Advanced course,  stay tuned for the dates for the Advanced courses in 2014 🙂 !

Dresden Trageschule mini-Conference (The Dresdner TrageTage), May 2013

Finally that I’m back home for a while, after a lot of travel during the spring and summer , it’s amazing to remember my time at the Trageschule Conference in Dresden in May for so many reasons!

If you have not heard about Trageschule Dresden TrageTage (literally translated as “Carrying Days”), there is a larger conference, and a smaller conference. A former is a large-scale event with more events, speakers and stalls, open for general public.  A latter is a CPD event for Trageschule consultants, and focuses on passing on the Trageschule updates to the carrying methods and techniques that the consultants learned during their Trageschule training, and offers networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, meeting the colleagues you have not met before, and deepening existing connections. Trageschule Dresden has been running the TrageTage Conferences since 2006.

The conference that I attended was a smaller conference.

I really enjoyed updates, tips, tricks and more learning at this event. I do truly believe that the learning never ends, and this conference has been a testimony to it for me. I believe that some of the participants attended their first Trageschule babywearing consultancy course close to a decade ago – and they have been sharing babywearing love ever since!

It was so lovely to see the colleagues from Germany and further afield. Even though it was a mini-conference, some of us hailed from Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia (as well as from Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK). Once again, this reminds me about truly international nature of Trageschule Dresden (and its affiliates!), and also about how well the training and the approach has worked over the years in so many different countries, to spread babywearing love to so many families, and to enable them to carry their babies in safety and comfort. It’s also been sweet to speak the same buy accutane 40 mg language – the language of babywearing! – and, this way, to get to talk with those whose languages I do not speak and who do not speak the languages that I do.

It’s been super-nice to meet the German and Austrian Trageschule fellow trainers in person, with some of whom I exchanged a fair few emails and messages, and put faces to names (and web pictures 🙂 ).

I am delighted to have met some of the team of Kaleb Centre at the Conference. Kaleb Centre is the organisation in Dresden that supports and promotes babywearing amongst other things that it offers to parents . I’ve been privileged to use one of the wraps embroidered with the name of the centre on its edge 🙂 (do I need to say it was very, very well- worn and super-soft :)? ).

I’m deeply grateful to Anja for making it possible to understand much more of what was said than I could have done otherwise :).

And coming back from the conference, it’s been lovely to share its friendly and happy spirit, as well as the technical and theoretical knowledge on the courses that I have offered since May 2013. I’m really looking forward to sharing it at at the courses at the end of this year and the start of 2014!

… And, with the blessing of Ulrike Hower of The Trageschule Dreden, I am really looking forward to offering Trageschule mini-conference next year in Manchester or nearby, to share all the updates from this May mini-conference.  I am looking forward to catching up with you then :)!

If you are not Trageschule trained and do not expect to attend one of the trainings before the Manchester mini-conference, there is a larger Trageschule conference in Dresden in October 2014 :).

London Foundation Course May 2013

I’m feeling warm and happy remembering our May London course. The course practicipants have travelled from Czech Republic, Belgium, Northern Ireland and various parts of the UK. Once again, I’m amazed, humbled and grateful for the trust you’ve put in me and Trageschule, to have travelled for the course all that way :). I’m happy to remember your feedback and to think that the travel all that way and the logistics involved was worthwhile for you in terms of what you got from the course!

I’ve been really buoyed up from The Dresden TrageTage (The Dresden Trageschule mini-conference), and passed on the updates, news and the tips from it to our May course participants. Stay tuned for the Dresden Conference blog post coming up :)!

Huge thanks to Jacki for organising the course :), and to Becky for helping out logistics. And thank you Raphaela (and family!), Becky and Jacki buy accutane with no prescription (and the children) for your company over Sunday lunchtime, it was fun to see you.

Once again, with much interest in an Advanced course in London next year, do contact Jacki at or Olga at, to ask to email you with the dates and updates about it. And if you can’t wait until Advanced Course in London, you can join us in York (which is on a direct train route from London)in October – please contact Debs at for more information about the Advanced course in York.

If you have missed this course, we are taking bookings for the one in October, it’d likely be in North London (or perhaps Central) again. We still have some spaces available (we’d suggest booking as soon as you can to avoid disappointment)! With any questions or to book, please contact Jacki at or Olga at .

April 2013 London Foundation Course

It’s been an amazing course – thank you so much everyone for attending and helping make it so wonderful! I still remember everyone’s enthusiasm and passion for learning and for supporting parents :). We’ve had a balance of practical, hands-on learning and finding fun and relevant ways to delve into the theory too :). I feel warm, touched and happy when remembering how much in common we all on the course had, and the sense of mutual support, friendship and community, regardless of where we traveled from to attend the course (some of us hailed from the UK, and some from Bulgaria, Denmark and Netherlands).

The venue in Islington was easy to get to, friendly and convenient – thank you Jacki for finding it – and the weather was warm and sunny, with lots of flowers. It has also been really lovely to meet up with some of Trageschule trained consultants in London – you know who you are, and thank you for joining us for the lunch breaks. This is one of the things that I do love about Trageschule, the connection and support within the community, and getting the updates on how your accutane reviews work and volunteering around supporting others’ to learn safe and comfortable babywearing is going.

Special thanks to Jacki Davenport for all support, love and effort that she has put into organising the course and supporting me with the logistics of it. And huge thanks to Trageschule Certified Consultant (and Mama Natura owner) Becky Derham for her support with different aspects of organising the course and logistics.

If you missed this course and would love to join us on one of the London courses planned for 2013, please do get in touch with Olga at or Jacki at about availability for the May Foundation Course in Islington (we may get some last-minute spaces available). There are places available on October Foundation Course as well, and as they usually book fast, we’d encourage you to get in touch to reserve yours as soon as you make your decision. Likewise, please get in touch with Olga or Jacki if you have any questions or want any information for making your decision about attending the course, we’d be happy to help.

Celebrating our Medical Advisors!

I want to say huge thanks for the support and contrubitutions of our wonderful Medical Advisors (watch this space for additional words of thanks to our other professional advisors 🙂 ). Now you can see a link to their photos and bios on our homepage . And, you can see them and ‘meet’ them too, here !

The support of our Medical Advisors means that we can continue to incorporate research and evidence-based accutane 20 mg information in what we offer to our Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia Babywearing Consultants – so that they can offer, this, in their turn, to the families, caregivers and babies that they support!

So please do join me in taking my hat off to Dr Fettweis (of international fame for his many decades of hip dysplasia research and work), Deborah Neiger (Midwife), Lois Shiow-Balster (MD, IBCLC, AAP Member) and Kate Simpson (GP).

Certification Course, Hebden Bridge, 15-17 March 2013

Huge congratulations to our most recent Certification Course Graduates: Wibke Hott, Olwen Rowe, Tania Lawlor and Beth Beaney! We’ve had such an amazing weekend of learning, feedback, self-feedback, deepening the skills for teaching theoretical and practical side of babywearing, networking and mutual support. Thank you so much for trusting me to support your learning. The best of luck on your journeys supporting the parents and I’m looking forward to seeing you again at future Trageschule conferences and CPD events :).

And I’ll let the participants speak for themselves (and HUGE THANKS to everyone for this unsolicited feedback – I feel moved and touched to receive it 🙂 ).

Wibke Hott: “It was an amazing experience and a wonderful course!! So much learning, so much on offer in the preparation and course work, from Olga and from each other! Between Olga, Tania, Olwen, Beth and me we covered so many aspects of carrying babies in slings, discussed social-political contexts of our work and our beliefs, the application of our skills and talents, exciting research subjects, possible collaborations and also how we could strengthen our network, the support we can give each other, and this is how we can spread the Trageschule

Wibke Hott: “It was really such a wonderful experience, consolidating, reaffirming and life-changing in its application and follow through! …”

Olwen Rowe: “I arrived at Hebden Bridge bone tired and wondering if I was mad. And I left accutane birth defects feeling re-energised and inspired and more committed than ever to supporting parents and their babies! Olga facilitated so much learning and a deeper understanding of both techniques and handling babies in a truly gentle and supportive way. And I learned SO much from everyone else – I wish I had many many more hours to explore the ideas my fellow participants had presented with such passion and insight. I am so excited about the possibilities of ongoing peer support and collaborations. I can’t wait to see what directions new research takes! And as Tania and Wibke say, it so exciting thinking about how we can spread the Trageschule love!”

Beth Beaney: “Absolutely everything Olwen Rowe, Wibke Hott and Tania Lawlor said. It was outstanding, thank you Olga”

… and for those of you who have not made it to this Certification Course, we are offering another two this year (in the South), in Ipswich (2-4 August 2013) and Southampton (15 – 17 Nov 2013). The places are limited so do book early to make sure you’ve got one! Please email Olga at olga @ (please delete the spaces from the email address) to book or with any enquiries.

… or, if you are thinking of training with Trageschule, why not to check out our upcoming courses or email Olga (see above) with any questions or to arrange a course in your area?

Hebden Bridge Advanced Course – February 2013

Please welcome our new Advanced course graduates 🙂 : Amy Truman, Melissa Cyrille, Susan Ansell and Joanna Harding. I’m celebrating that more parents (and babies! 🙂 ) across the UK will benefit from the deepened knowledge of our Advanced course graduates in areas such as Babywearing and Special Needs!

At this Advanced course, we also have deepened our skills for helping acne medications treatment parents and caregivers with back carries. With a few on the course being interested in twin and tandem carries, we’ve had lots of fun trying out various alternatives that are safe, comfortable and easier to use.

Yet again, huge thanks to the venue – Nutclough Tavern, for feeding and care of us during the course.

Foundation Course January 2013, Hebden Bridge

It’s been the first course of the year and I remember being concerned with the weather forecast (see the ‘before’ picture of some snow in Hebden). With the participants travelling from as far as Belgium (and also from less far afield, e.g. Birmingham or Manchester), we kept our fingers crossed for the weather letting everyone to get here easily and get back smoothly! So, remembering that the heavy snow and ice did not appear until after the course (see below 🙂 ), I’m feeling totally appreciative.

It has also been the first course that I can remember that took place with so much snow outside, not that it affected us during the course hours. We were warm and cozy in Hebden Therapy Centre. It seemed that the babies liked the surroundings well enough too :).

We have striven for a balance between answering urgent and relevant questions, and to cover the curriculum. It was such a pleasure to see everyone accutane cheap building their competence and moving from strength to strength in their teaching skills. I believe the latter are so essential to share the skill of a safe and comfortable babywearing in an easy and clear way that can be easily repeated by a parent at home, after the consultation.

So please do welcome our new Babywearing Consultants – Lotte Braem, Amy Truman, Alison McNeil, Andy McNeil. I’m hoping to see you again and am wishing you much luck and success in your crucial work of supporting the parents :)!

And if you missed this course, stay tuned (e.g. via checking ‘Find a course’ page or by subscribing to our Facebook page) for the news on upcoming courses in Hebden (or, we have spaces on May course in Islington, London if you can’t wait until September 🙂 !).

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