Season’s Greetings from Trageschule

This is simply to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, (belatedly) Happy Solstice and anything else that you choose to celebrate this holiday season. I’m appreciative of meeting accutane 30 mg some of you and honoured to be a part of your journey in 2012, and am looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again in 2013 :)!

Hebden Bridge Foundation Course July 2012

This course has happened shortly after the floods that hit the town hard. So I am especially grateful to all course participants who have travelled from further afield, hailing from Netherlands and the UK.

We have been so sweetly supported by the venue. Thank you Fern and the crew for keeping the agreement accutane with us amidst the floods, only days after putting in a lot of work having served soups and food to those affected by the floods.

As I’m writing it, I’m very grateful to see the town restoring itself to its usual glory (whilst there are few areas still worked on).

Press release: Trageschule is now Community Interest Company (CIC)!

I’d love to share with you that Trageschule is now a Community generic accutane usa Interest Company (CIC). For me, the change reflects the way that Trageschule has been operating from the start (e.g. free talks and presentations that I have been offering, and the ways that we have been engaging with the community that we serve). In terms of its regulation, a Community Interest Company is established for community purposes and its profits and assets are dedicated to these purposes. So all that the change does is brings the ‘label’ in line with how Trageschule has been working from the start.

So do join us in celebrating Trageschule becoming CIC :)!

Southampton Advanced Course October 2012

Now that we are taking bookings for Southampton Certification course in November 2013, I remember what a great time we had at the Advanced course and would love to share some of those happy memories with you :).

I really enjoyed coming back to Southampton for offering the Advanced course โ€“ after Southampton Foundation Course earlier in 2012.

We have had a fruitful course on so many levels. For me, the highlights of the course have been lots of learning, fun and laughter, lots of deeper understanding of theory and practical moments alike, and everyone’s love and admiration for the baby Kaspar. It’s been a joy to support and witness the growth of everyone’s skills and professionalism!

Hopefully, the networking (and exploration and exploring of working accutane 5 mg together to promote babywearing and consultancy locally) for the local participants has been very helpful. Stay tuned for the growth and spread of babywearing love and babywearing consultancy around Southampton, Dorset, Isle of Wight (and surrounding areas)!

There’s such power in working together (especially when there’s connection and shared reality). I am often told that working together to promote consultancy really helps to boost awareness and demand in the area, a win-win solution for the consultants and the parents (who have greater access and more choice around learning to carry their babies in safety and comfort).

And many many thanks to Bethany for all the hard work that she did organising this course and finding the venue (that has worked so well for us)!

Dublin Advanced Course September 2012

I’m writing this now whilst we’re taking bookings for August 2013 Dublin Foundation course at the same venue – so it’s sweet to revisit my memories of the Advanced course in Dublin last year. What’s more, I’m really looking forward to seeing some of its graduates (you know who you are :)!) at the Certification course in Hebden Bridge in March!

It has been a joy for me to see the deepening of the consultants’ skills, their knowledge, and also how well the group worked together. I remember LOTS of learning and insights happening on this course.

We also have been lucky with the weather, so we were able to sit outside for our one-to-one participant-facilitator spaces!

We used the same venue as for Dublin Foundation buy cheap accutane online course, and it was just right for us, and everyone there was very helpful and supportive too (thanks Misty and the team). In fact, we like it so much that we are penciled in at the same venue for the Foundation Course in August 2013 in Dublin. If you are interested in joining us in August, please email Abina at abinasheridan @ (delete the spaces) for the booking form ASAP.

Huge thanks for Tania’s organising this course โ€“ and for the unwavering support of the rest of the group and for your working with me when we had a logistics glitch just before the course. Thanks to all of us working together, we have enjoyed the learning and our time together.

Leigh Advanced Course August 2012

Now that the first Advanced course of this year is coming up in February, I am happy to share the memories of the Advanced Course in Leigh in 2012 :).

We have enjoyed our time and learning together. I remember lots of fun and laughter and learning taking place. I believe that there was a very healthy balance of lightness and and focus on mastering new skills and perfecting the existing buy accutane online cheap ones! We had an incredibly useful Q&A and discussion time on planning workshops, which amongst things included things helpful to taking one’s consultancy business further.

Thank you so much Rachael for organising the course. And thank you Rachael and Lisa for hosting it at Birth to Potty premises.

Trageschule at Natural Mamas Camp July 2012

July seems like such a long time away now, so I’m so happy to be recalling now how much I have really enjoyed seeing so many of our consultants in one place. It’s been wonderful to catch up with accutane acne treatment everyone and hear about what you’ve been doing with your training, babywearing consultancy, sling libraries and babywearing meets :). We’ve been lucky with the weather once again too, which really helped.

Trageschule at the Attached Magazine Fair, York, 8 July

I am catching up on telling the world what Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia has been up to this year, so watch this space and stay tuned for more stories ๐Ÿ™‚ …

…Again, huge thanks to Anna for inviting me and Trageschule along to the Fair. It’s been lovely to spend a day meeting everyone who came up to the stall, asked questions and chatted. Thank you so much for your buy accutane online reviews interest in Trageschule. What’s even better, I got to see you again at the Trageschule Foundation Course in York in November (stay tuned for the post on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ )!

And thank you everyone who appreciated the Babywearing Art Prints/Postcards, I hope you enjoyed the ones you bought and have taken home!

Trageschule talks this year

So far, these are a few places where Trageschule has been this year. I took Trageschule to BOSS Fair in Wigan (thank you Jennie for inviting me ๐Ÿ™‚ and organising the fair) where I really enjoyed the company of some Trageschule Babywearing Consultants (you know who you are and I look forward to seeing you again at the end of the summer ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

There was a Trageschule talk (in Russian!) at the Russian Sling Conference 2012. Huge thanks for everyone’s bearing with me through the small patches of technical difficulties :), and thank you for the questions, interest and appreciation!

There’s a Trageschule presentation coming up at the Attached Fair in York 10.45-11.15am on 8 July (this Saturday!), so if you have been wondering about attending a Trageschule course either the next weekend in Hebden or in November 2012 in York, I’d love to see you and hear any questions you may have there :).

And, we are also going to Natural Mamas Camp at Banbury, Oxfordshire, 27-29 July, and the Natural Mamas Northern Meet at the Lakes District 2-4 November. Both of these can be an opportunity to have an informal chat with Olga and ask her your questions about Trageschule courses.

Watch this space for more talks coming up, and I hope to see you sometime this year!

Rostov-on-Don, Russia, May 2012

This is the first Trageschule UK course in Russia. Special thanks to Anastasia Velichko for organising and hosting it, and for everyone’s else’s making it (travelling as far afield as Moscow, St Petersburg, Taganrog, Stavropol’, Tula, Perm and Barnaul).

We have had enriching time together, with lots of learning and growth happening for everyone concerned. I remember with much warmth and gratitude the course participants’ care and support, cooperating and supporting each other, and honesty and working cheap accutane 20mg things out together! I loved how much enthusiasm and excitement and crosspolination of ideas and creative synergies there was in the group. I remember the group process of building on the participants’ (often extensive) experience of supporting parents in using the slings, and blending their existing and new skills together with much success.

Check out our consultants’ register for the names of the Graduates, and please welcome first Trageschule Babywearing Consultants in Russia.

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