Foundation course London 30 March – 1 April 2012

I really remember everyone’s enthusiasm and passion for supporting parents to carry their babies in safety and comfort. We have covered lots of questions in Q&A time and throughout the course, and I remember how much I enjoyed cheap accutane online observing everyone’s consultancy skills going from strength to strength during the course. Amongst other things, we enjoyed the space at the venue (and the lunch there on Saturday).

Advanced course Hebden Bridge 17-18 March 2012

At this course in Hebden Bridge, we have worked intensively – and had much fun! – polishing and perfecting our consultancy skills. With the focus on group facilitation, Special Needs situations (where a parent or a baby works with a Health Professional to support their healthcare needs), and expanding the consultants’ repertoire of carries, the course offered the participants a variety of hands-on and interactive opportunities to learn and develop their skills.

We have worked through the approach to Special needs situation and focused on effective communication with Health Professionals, and working as a team to support a baby or a parent with Special Needs. The participants acne medications perfected their teaching skills teaching new carries learnt on the course to the others in the group, which gave them a chance to work with people with different learning styles and preferences. Rotating one-to-one with one-to-two teaching has provided some of the experience toward teaching these techniques in the workshop environment.

We have enjoyed the space that the venue has offered – and the delicious, home-cooked lunches prepared with fair-trade, organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible! I am looking forward to seeing everyone again – and maybe seeing some of you at the Certification course 30 November – 2 December this year.

Foundation course Hebden Bridge 3-4 March 2012

At this course in Hebden Bridge (and I’m feeling reassured and touched remembering how many of you mentioned that you enjoyed your time in Hebden and would consider coming to stay again 🙂 !), we enjoyed all the benefits that a small-scale course has to offer. There was plenty of time to ask the facilitator any burning questions and to benefit from the facilitator’s close attention and feedback.

We have worked through a variety of questions, and it has been a pleasure to see everyone’s buy generic accutane 10mg skills for supporting others in learning babywearing blossoming and developing throughout the course. Most of all, I enjoy remembering the growing confidence and enthusiasm of the course participants, and also their commitment to the course and to helping parents to learn carrying their babies in safety and comfort!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again at some point – and to seeing some of you at the Advanced course in Leigh 30 August – 2 September 2012 :)!

Southampton Foundation Course 10-12 February 2012

Lots of learning, insights and fun has happened at Trageschule UK Foundation Course in Southampton 10-12  February 2012. It was a real pleasure to see the course participants deepening their skills in guiding the others through learning the use of different carries. The part of the course where we covered research on Babywearing generated a lot of discussion and integration of the theory.We all learnt so much and have really built on our existing skills. Our course graduates have so enjoyed their learning during the course that they have expressed a lot of enthusiasm about getting back together for an Advanced course :)! Thank you so much everyone for making time in your busy buy accutane no prescription lives for the course.

We had a wonderful venue (if a touch on the cold side!), with three huge mirrors, taking up the most of their corresponding wall each. And there were some lovely biscuits (courtesy of Colleen Geary, our course co-ordinator – thank you again Colleen 🙂 ).

So now the South of England has eight more Babywearing Consultants – Trageschule UK Foundation Course Graduates: Emma Ringer, Colleen Geary, Bethany Reynolds, Amina Ouchai, Lucy Mann, Elizabeth Mayhew, Jo Havard, Natalie Waller – welcome and congratulations. I feel honoured to have been a part of  your journeys in helping parents to carry their babies in safety and comfort – again, thank you so much!

Why attend a course in Hebden Bridge?

While we run courses throughout the UK, this post turns the spotlight onto Hebden Bridge, as we have two courses coming up in Hebden Brige in March: Foundation Course on 3-4 March, and Advanced Course 17-18 March. So, if you want to attend a course with us and do not see one nearby, and are considering Hebden Bridge, here is more information for you.

Both of these courses run through the weekend. With course numbers being lower than usual (small town, small course 🙂 ) and the course held locally to the facilitator, we cover the whole of the curriculum in 2 days, whilst maintaining our usual quality standards.

The benefits of attending a course in Hedben Bridge:
– if you would like to borrow for the duration of a course any slings required for the course, there is a number of slings of different types available on first-come-first-served basis;
– if you would like to borrow for the duration of a course a babywearing doll, a number of those are available on first-come-first-served basis;
– access to an extensive sling library throughout the course, giving you access to try out and practice teaching with a variety of slings and soft carriers, as well as an option to travel light(er!);
– access to an extensive Babywearing Consultancy (and related titles) book library for the duration of the course;
– Hebden Bridge has its own train station and is well-served by buses. The two nearest airports, Manchester Airport and Leeds-Bradford Airport, are both within c. 1 hour – 1.5 hour by car (depending on the traffic). It is also accessible by ferry/train and ferry/car (with the closest ferry ports in Holyhead and Hull) ;
– most places in town are within a walking distance from the station;

For those who want to stay overnight, there is a variety of accommodation, from £12 per person per night hostel to B&Bs to self-catering apartments and holiday cottages. If you know any babywearers locally, you might even get to stay with someone for free! Here’s more information on accommodation in Hebden Bridge (a disclaimer: we have not stayed at any of those so do not know what they are like).
– there is a variety of places to eat (a variety of delis, pubs, cafes, takeways and restaurants, including veggie and vegan) or to get your food from (there is a Co-op supermarket, ‘Valley Organics’ organic grocery, and ‘Pennine Provisions’ deli/grocery, amongst others), all within close walking distance from each other;
if you are bringing your family along, there are lots of things to see and do locally. Hebden Bridge itself has various nature walks, ducks to feed, playgrounds, a well-stocked library, cafes with toys and books for children, a soft play area, a toy shop that sells slings amongst other things, and has a play area for children, and a Cinema – amongst many other things. If you want to venture further afield, both Bronte country and the Worth Valley Steam Railway – where they filmed the Railway Children – are a short car journey away. Even further afield, Manchester and Leeds (c. 50 minutes on the train) have plenty to offer, with various museums, parks, libraries and other
attractions. Here’s more information on things to do that can be fun for families.

If you would like more information, please contact Olga on . I am looking forward to you joining us on a course in Hebden Bridge :)!

Thanks for reading this 🙂 !

Why attend a Trageschule UK Advanced course?

From the feedback from our Foundation courses’ participants, we are hearing how our graduates are going from strength to strength, putting their impressive skills to good use. These skills are utilised in many areas, from offering babywearing consultations to one-to-one help at Sling Libraries, Sling Meets, supporting friends, and just spreading sling love when babywearing themselves safely, comfortably – and beautifully. So, why consider an Advanced Course?

Books display - Advanced course

As a Trageschule UK Foundation course graduate, have you started getting many requests for babywearing help in special needs situations? Or, perhaps, once or  twice, you have been feeling a bit out of your depth as a Babywearing Consultant in your encounters with health professionals? Having mastered the art of one-to-one support, have you wondered about spreading babywearing love through running workshops, where, in addition to learning an indispensable skill, expecting and new parents would also get a chance to meet and connect with other parents? Have you been wishing for a greater repertoire of back carries to offer to those wanting more choice when carrying a heavier baby or an older child? Or, perhaps, you would really love to deepen your understanding of various Trageschule carrying techniques and hone your helping skills even further?

Advanced Course Hebden Bridge 2011

Advanced Course Hebden Bridge 2011

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, our Advanced course may be an answer! As word spreads of the effective and easy way to learn babywearing with a Trageschule UK course graduate, many of our graduates find that carrying on to build their skills for successful babywearing support really gives them the cutting edge in catering for parents’ babywearing needs even better.

With the new carrying methods you would learn during the course, you would be even better placed to support parents in situations where a parent or child has special accutane online pharmacy needs. In-depth learning of an approach for ‘special needs’ situations would increase your confidence of how to serve the needs of your clients with ‘special needs’ more fully. Having worked through different aspects of planning, organising, and running a workshop (including group dynamics) – or any other facilitated multi-person environment – would likely boost your confidence and skills for running a workshop. Your one-to-one space with the facilitator may be a perfect opportunity to work on any aspects of your babywearing work (or vocation!) that you would like to focus on. Having worked on the course assignment, you may develop deeper insights on how you share babywearing, which areas you would like to concentrate on to take you where you want to be (or to stay where you are!), and developing your self-reflection and self-feedback skills for more effective babywearing support.

Learning about Babywearing and Special Needs Situations

Here is what our Advanced course graduates say about their experience of Advanced Course:

“I see there is still a lot to learn” (Mica Škoberne)

“Huge area, still lots to think of” (Wendy Sheard, on ‘Supporting Parents and Babies with Special Needs’ part of the course)

“Excellent course. Really inspired now.” (Wendy Sheard)

“A combination of an increase in confidence and clarification of several questions I had about how to respond to clients’ questions – also exchanging ideas and experiences with others” (Emma Gilmour, in response to ‘Would you be willing to write a sentence or two what it is that has contributed to your current levels of inspiration?’)

Our next Advanced courses are 17-18 March in Hebden Bridge, and September (dates to be confirmed) in Dublin, Ireland.

If you have any questions, or would like to book, please get in touch with Olga at .

Thanks for reading and I hope you will join us for one of these trainings this year!

A change in Trageschule structure in the coming year

We will be saying very sad good-byes to Anne McEwan, who is stepping down as a Director and Course Facilitator, for family reasons (see below). Olga Nguyen is continuing to be a Director and Course Facilitator for Trageschule UK. Olga and Anne are working together on the handover, to upheld and ensure the quality, reliability and continuity of the service that we deliver to our clients! Our intention is a smooth transition for everyone: no disruption is foreseen to the courses currently being planned.

Olga said: ‘I am grateful to Anne for our work together, and the amazing time we have had together on our  Trageschule adventure. I am confident that Trageschule UK will go from strength to strength, amongst other things, thanks to Anne’s contribution in building it up”.

Anne said: ”With sadness I am announcing that I am no longer going to be part of Trageschule UK. I have enjoyed working with Olga and all the course participants. Both my boys have in recent months been diagnosed with health conditions which mean I am having to rebalance my life and put them first.

For everyone who has worked with me: Thank you for being part of my year with Trageschule!

And for Olga a huge big thank you and good luck for the future with Trageschule. I am sure you will make it even more amazing then it already is!!

xx Anne”

We wish Anne the best of luck on her journey, and a lot of connected, joyful, happy moments with her family!

Why you should train with us!

Someone asked me why she should train with us before she booked her course and I thought I should share my reply!

Trageschule UK is a Franchise of Die Trageschule Dresden. This means that we have access to all their materials, research and experience. All our trainers have completed specific training to enable them to teach the courses effectively and efficiently.

We have worked very hard with Ulrike Hower from Die Trageschule Dresden – an international babywearing educator with decades of experience in the field – to adapt the Trageschule Curriculum to the UK market. This involved extensive research, consultation with professionals and hours and hours of hard but enjoyable work.

Trageschule has a clearly defined philosophy we do not make decisions for consultants or parents but aim to equip both with the tools to make their own decisions. When you empower someone to make a decision for themselves the outcome is so much more powerful then if you make the decision for them.

Trageschule UK is the only UK based school with BABI approval. This means that when you complete your training through us you can join BABI and make use of their buy accutane online usa resources and insurance deals.

We provide a comprehensive material pack with our courses. You will receive a detailed handbook in English as well as a special Hoppediz teaching wrap and a demonstration wrap by Didymos with the Trageschule Logo. Additional materials are available at a cost during or after the course. We are continually expanding on our range of teaching materials and more will be available in 2012.

Trageschule UK has trained over 50 consultants in the first year. You will join a professional network and will be able to access our CPD courses at a reduced rate!

Our courses are suitable for participants of all backgrounds and experiences! The course enables you to integrate our systematic approach with your own unique skills. No two parents with babies are the same and no two consultants are the same either. We aim to help you find solutions not problems.

And lastly because we would love to have you as part of our network! We believe that each individual has important skills and experience to bring to our network and we hope to have you join soon!

Swaffham Advanced Course August 2011

Congratulations to Becky and Natalie who join the ranks of our Advance course qualified consultants! We had an amazing time looking at new carries and exploring old ones even further.

The learning assignments were done with great enthusiasm and both participants deserved the certificate they took away with them at the end of the course. Thank you for a wonderful weekend of learning!

Preston Foundation Course August 2011

Welcome to our Foundation Course Graduates from the Preston Course – Judith Loughlin, Annette Russ, Karen Parnham, Monika Torz and Helen Bowmaker!

We had fun working on different aspects of the skills for Babywearing one-to-one help, from practising helping others learn, offering helpful feedback, to working through some approaches to different one-to-one babywearing help situations.

Special thanks to the Children’s Centre in Preston for providing us with the wonderful space to run the course!

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