Hebden Bridge Advanced Course August 2011

Welcome to our first set of Trageschule UK Advanced Course graduates – Emma Gilmour, Mica Skoberne, Wendy Sheard and Yolanda Kenyon!

As per the participants’ feedback, the course (including the course assignment), has really helped many to deepen their understanding of helping others learn to carry their babies and to work with parents, in particular, buy accutane without rx those with various special needs. It has been a joy to see the course participants’ consultancy skills moving from strength to strength, and to watch them having fun practising the step-by-step approach for a Hip Carry with a Long Wrap, Double Hammock, Front Cross Carry and Back Wrap Cross Carry.

Leigh Foundation Course August 2011

We were approached by Rachael about a course in the North West and she soon found a group of participants to fill the course. The course was held in the Birt2Potty shop in Leigh and the shop’s owner Lisa was amongst the participants. This course was also buy accutane 5mg privileged to contain the very first male babywearing consultant trained in the UK. Steve was an asset to the course and a very precise and attentive consultant. Rachael, Lisa, Laura, Rachel, Steve and Rebecca thank you for inviting us to come to the North West!

Edinburgh Foundation Course June 2011

We have had a wonderful, fantastic course in Edinburgh (many thanks to the participants- now Trageschule Babywearing Consultants, and to the venue).

I have in particular enjoyed the enthusiasm of the course participants: I can remember a few occasions when I noticed the participants’ going above and beyond ‘scheduled programming’, and applying their newly acquired knowledge and deeper understanding of helping others’ learn babywearing skills to the carrying positions outside the scope of the course. This enthusiasm and the level of connection in the group has been what has kept me going on Saturday morning when my younger child was too excited to sleep on Friday night until it got darker at 12.30am (we enjoyed getting to know Hollyroyd in all this time of walking and carrying her in the sling in the hope to induce some sleep!).

We also used the participant’s pertinent and relevant questions to develop more tools for each consultants’ tool kit as their generic accutane isotretinoin helping parents and caregivers to use slings was concerned. For example, we had a rich and informative discussion, to help everyone to form their approach to a situation when parents/clients ask to help with learning Front Facing Out positions. Within this learning space, we considered Trageschule philosophy of working with parents and respect and empathy for a parent, parent’s and infant’s needs behind the strategy of learning how to face infant out in a sling, evidence-based information that concerns facing out and physiology and development of an infant, a consultant’s skills and level of comfort with various solutions for helping in this situation – and within this, we left space for everyone to decide what felt comfortable for them and consistent with their position as a Trageschule consultant in the light of the information elicited and potential other solutions.

Above all, the weather was wonderful and we had fun!

Hebden Bridge Foundation Course April 2011

information to follow

Oxford Foundation Course April 2011

The Slingmeet group in Oxford invited us to do a course for their volunteers to enable them to advise people coming to the meets more effectively. This meant that a lot of ‘free’ time was spent looking at ways to incorporate what they were learning into their meet structure. It was an enlightening experience for both participants and Anne who facilitated at the course. Catherine, Guinn, Louise, Emily, Zayna, Jenni thank you for having us!

Cambridge Foundation Course March 2011

Our second course was for a small ready-made group and was held in a wonderful garden room near Cambridge. Both myself and Olga were looked after wonderfully by the participants and we had an amazing time over the weekend with an empowering group of women. Sophie, Ali, Rosie and Debbie were inspiring in their eagerness to learn.

Littlebourne Foundation Course – March 2011

Our very first Trageschule course was an amazing experience for all of us. Ulrike from Die Trageschule Dresden was with us for the first day and we had 8 enthusiastic participants. The course was held in the village hall of Littlebourne a small village close to Canterbury. The pace was high and the learning buy cheap acne medication went at an incredible rate. At the end of the weekend Beth, Becky, Alfia, Anna, Emma, Sam, Catherine and Evie could all call themselves Babywearing consultants! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

Wanted : Trageschule Course organisers

Trageschule is looking for course purchase accutane organisers in the following locations:
* Wales
* London
* Bristol
* Sheffield
* Nottingham
* Scotland
Or if you are in a different area and know of a group of people who want to do the course please also get in touch.
What does a course organiser do?
* Organise communication with participants
* Find other participants for the course
* Find a suitable venue
* Advise on local amenities
Want to find out more? Please email me on anne@trageschule.co.uk for a chat.

Trageschule is looking for course organisers in the following locations:
* Wales* London* Bristol* Sheffield* Nottingham* Scotland
Or if you are in a different area and know of a group of people who want to do the course please also get in touch.
What does a course organiser do?* Organise communication with participants* Find other participants for the course* Find a suitable venue* Advise on local amenities
Want to find out more? Please email me on anne@trageschule.co.uk for a chat.

Space available on Canterbury course

We have a space available on the Basic course in Canterbury 11/12 March. Please email info@trageschule.co.uk for more information

Trageschule UK webiste goes live

It has been something we have been working on for a while but here it finally is. Have a look around and if you have any questions to which you cannot find the answer please use the contact form to get in touch.

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