At Trageschule UK, we encourage and welcome ordering accutane feedback from our course participants, both during and after the course. We try to ensure that there are different channels and opportunities available for this feedback, so that it’s easier to pass the feedback on, and, where applicable, to work with it as soon as possible.

Below are just a few quotes from the feedback we received from the participants of some of our courses. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has spared their time to give us feedback so far – we really are grateful to have heard how the courses have been for you! We’re also grateful for your permission to share that feedback here.

We are putting this information here to give you some examples of what different aspects of the course were like for our course participants – whilst remembering that every course is different, and every person is unique and individual, which may shape different people’s experience of the same event in a different way.

And, we’d like to take this opportunity to say HUGE thanks to our course participants and our consultants, for having chosen to work with us on the path of helping parents to carry their babies in safety and comfort!

“-Lovely group
-Fab teacher
– A wonderful experience
Everything on the course has really inspired me I’m really looking forward to all the chapters that follow for me and my journey in Babywearing”
(Cathie Noble, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘I would love to continue with the Advanced course’ (Catherine Carr, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘… Olga demonstrated that we can respect and support a parent and also pass on information that may be contrary to what they believe/do, and to do this in a gentle supportive way…’ (Olwen Rowe, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘The enthusiasm of the other participants was inspiring and Olga’s clear presentation manner made it seem so easy to guide others in their babywearing journey… Thoroughly enjoyed the course – felt I could take the time out here to concentrate and enjoy babywearing in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.’ (Lynda Croly, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘I always knew I had the option of opting out of something if I need to. Olga always ensured we all knew exactly what was happening – the structure was clear as were the instructions’ (Lynda Croly, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘The course was nicely divided into practical sessions with appropriate breaks and the balance between group discussions and pair work was just right’ (Lynda Croly, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

”thank you so much again for a lovely weekend which has enriched me in many ways. A good few moms have profited from what I learned by observing you as a counsellor!” (Ina Doyle via e-mail, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

(about ‘Babywearing Science’ exercise) ‘Looooved how as well as raising awareness of studies, it raised awareness of not losing sight of the individual human in a consult’ (Ina Doyle, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

(about the group structure, group dynamics and the facilitator) “Calm, relaxed, non-interfering trainer; knowledgeable, passionate, genuinely interested participants”(Ina Doyle, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘Time given for the activities was just right’ (Hilary Hooks, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘Baby friendly class ***** 🙂 ‘ ‘ (Karla Y Villareal Leal, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

‘The weekend was flying by and I hope to see you again next year for an Advanced course.
We now have a start of hopefully a good Network of mums who are able to teach other mums in confidence. I really hope that more babywearing love is spreading. Thanks a mill Olga!’
(Diana Hughes, Foundation Course, Dublin 2011)

(a description of what it is that helped feeling inspired after the course to help parents and caregivers with their learning of babywearing skills) ‘A combination of an increase in confidence and clarification of several questions I had about how to respond to client’s questions – also exchanging ideas and experiences with others ‘ ‘ (Emma Gilmour, Advanced course, Hebden Bridge 2011)

‘The general feel of the course was very relaxed and we were made to feel very welcome to shout up if we wanted anything changing’ (Annette Russ, Foundation course, Preston 2011)


‘The little tips on how to adjust wraps made teaching someone so much easier than it has felt in the past’ (Annette Russ, Foundation course, Preston 2011)

‘It feels like it was a minute ago that a realized that I can life of one of my great passions: Helping woman to get an easier beginning with a child using slings, wraps etc. I have worn both my boys from birth – and still do. But I often see woman around me give up – because it is too difficult. Only a few months later I took the foundation class at Trageschule UK. I must admit I didn’t expect much as I am a very experienced with baby wearing. But I was in awe. Even though I have spent hundreds of hours surfing the Internet to find the best techniques – I found out I had a lot too learn. Before the class I had tried to help friends improving their techniques – but the success varied a lot. So I was very happy coming home.’ (Nadia Kristensen, Foundation Course, Hebden Bridge 2011)


‘It was very pleasant – and I felt that my needs were being taken care of – given that I had my son with me’ (Nadia Kristensen, Foundation Course, Hebden Bridge 2011)

Q: ‘What (if anything) did you particularly enjoy of find helpful and supportive for your learning during the course?’
A: ‘I felt that it was acceptable that I brought my son. And it was nice that Olga focused on the parts that worked well’ (Nadia Kristensen, Foundation Course, Hebden Bridge 2011)

‘Olga really encouraged us to utilise and embrace our own experience as babywearers as well as other skills and expertise that were relevant! I feel connected with so many aspects of my work, my life! Honest, apart from the predictable yearning for more, it was just fabulous! Thank you so much!’ (Wibke Hott, Foundation Course, Edinburgh 2011)

(about the things that the trainer said or did that helped one’s learning) ‘Making energy levels explicit, offering choice of a break, refreshments. Again and again the offer to check in, feedback, ask questions’ (Wibke Hott, Foundation Course, Edinburgh 2011)

‘Breaking down techniques into easy to remember stages has helped inspire me I have really enjoyed the course, thank you!’ (Susan Ansell, Foundation Course, Edinburgh 2011)

‘Well structured course allowing plenty time on each carry… Very relaxed atmosphere contributing to good learning environment. Thanks you!’ (Karen O’Brien, Foundation Course, Edinburgh 2011)

‘Pace was nice and not rushed Making sure that the trainer’s instructions were understood. Giving people time and space to digest the knowledge” (Monika Torz, Foundation course, Preston 2011)

”Learning certain wrapping ‘tricks’ that make the process easier, being shown the step-by-step technique enables better learning, also I liked the module on communication – made me more confident that I can practice skills of how to relate to people’ (Monika Torz, Foundation course, Preston 2011)


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