Trageschule: facts vs interpretations, the other side of the story :)

As a few people have been asking us about the Trageschule Agreement with its Course Participants (further referred to as T&C), we asked them in return to tell us how the T&C have been for them when supporting parents. I am especially happy to share their replies as they address some misinformation that has been appearing recently about Trageschule. I guess that not everyone has all the facts, and there are clearly misguided interpretations doing the rounds about what we are trying to do. If you encounter any such misinformation, please feel free to link directly to this article and suggest that the people asking about Trageschule check out these articles and our website and then, if they still have questions or doubts, to contact us directly so that they can gain the other side of the story and get a balanced view based on clear facts.

Why is this important for me? I have heard time and time again from those who trained with Trageschule (check our previous blogposts and feedback) how the training empowered them to support the parents and babies. Here is what one of our course participants said recently, shortly after the course:
«Olga I want to thank you SO much for the fantastic training you have given, I think I totally underestimated the ‘gap in the market’ in our local area, things are really taking off and I’m having so much fun along the way working with all these lovely parents and carers» (LC, South of the UK). So I would not want for you to miss out just because of any misinformation :).

Here is Part 1 – enjoy! And if you like it, do check out Part 2 here :)!

Katrina hip carry Tell us in a couple of sentences about yourself :)? My name is Katrina, I run West Pennine Slings and Hold Close Babywearing Consultancy in Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire. Website & FB Page

Can you tell us in a couple of sentences how Trageschule T&C have been for you? I initially trained before the current terms and conditions came in (editor’s note: the update to T&C happened in 2013) and I must admit that I when I was looking into doing the advanced course I was a little apprehensive about all the changes to them. Talking to Olga in more detail put my mind at rest and gave me the confidence to book onto the course. Having now completed both the advanced and certified courses I now fully appreciate the terms and conditions and understand why they are in place. I feel that they helped to prevent me from jumping into a couple of situations before I was ready.

How has it been for you re videos — in that Trageschule’s T&C ask you not to make instructional videos using Trageschule techniques (to help ensure the safety and quality of tuition)? Personally for me it is not an issue at all as I don’t particularly enjoy making videos so it gives me an excuse! In all seriousness though going through the courses has shown me how hard it is to convey everything necessary in a video, photos or written instructions. I would feel uneasy about passing any of these materials onto someone who hadn’t had any in person instruction from me.

How has it been for you that Trageschule T&C ask you to act within the limits of your training (the same as the insurance T&C do)? Acting within the terms and conditions hasn’t really been a problem for me and I feel that it has helped me keep within my skill level and not get ahead of myself. I did do some other training before my advanced course and felt that I was ready to carry out workshops after this. However the advanced course really expanded my knowledge and ideas for workshops and I feel my service has dramatically accutane isotretinoin improved. I am currently looking to go even further with the Trageschule training and do my medical trainer license, this means one of the projects I want to start in my local area won’t go ahead until I have completed this training but I feel the benefit of doing it far outweighs any disadvantage of a delay.

How has it been for you that T&C ask you to complete the appropriate level of training before starting to teach Trageschule techniques to those who would themselves be teaching parents (again, for safety and quality reasons, as well as to stay within insurance T&C)? Again, going through the Trageschule training has shown me how important it is to stay within your boundaries as I see my own development from stage to stage. I do run a library that also has peer supporters working with me, they aren’t Trageschule trained although they have completed a small amount of training with another school. At the library sessions we are very clear that the support you receive is nowhere near what you can expect from a consultation and the peer supporters themselves understand that although they may pick up things from watching me they can’t call themselves Trageschule trained.

How has it been for you that the T&C ask you to do some CPD every three years (e.g. to complete the next course level, or to get the updates to the carrying techniques and research at Trageschule conferences or mini-conferences)? This is something that concerns me slightly because I worry that I won’t be able to afford CPD or I won’t be busy enough to justify it. However, I understand the importance of keeping up with the industry, things can change very quickly. I used to work in the photographic industry until about five years ago and from speaking to old colleagues I can see that it would now be very difficult for me to re-enter the industry at the same level I was, things have moved on dramatically.

«How has it been for you that Trageschule T&C ask you to stay within copyright laws (e.g. when using someone else’s copyrighted work that is not covered by existing agreements between you and them, to ask for their permission first?)?» To me this is common sense, you don’t steal the work of others. It’s definitely not something I have been concerned about in any way. It also makes sense to ask before using something, I have found on a couple of occasions that I have nearly used something in a way that the original author would not have been happy with, I hadn’t meant to but if I had assumed it could have turned into a much bigger deal.

If you are considering attending one of our courses and have any questions about T&C/Agreement, do get in touch. I’d be happy to answer your questions over the phone or email. We have two Foundation Courses coming up in 2015 :). Hebden Bridge in the North: 27 February – 1 March 2015 (contact olga @ uk for more details or how to book), and London one in the South: 17-19 April 2015 in North London near Kings Cross (contact olga @ uk (delete the gaps in the email 🙂 ) for more details or how to book) .

Watch this space for more dates being announced for the Advanced and Certification Courses. Also, you may be able to take an advantage of a new deal when booking two levels together. This way you would get value-packed,  five days’ worth of intensive training, empowering you to take your ability to help parents to a new level,  with a time in-between to catch up with your family, work/volunteering and life, and to support others your new skills :)!

*Photos courtesy of Katrina.

**Congratulations to Katrina and family on the birth of her new baby C.!

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