Trageschule VIDEO interview and testimonial from Kyiv, Ukraine course!!!

Have you been feeling down about the state of human condition and if there is any hope after even glimpsing the news from Ukraine? This video, an interview with Nina Zaychenko, the Trageschule course organiser in Kyiv, leaves me delighted, touched and moved :). Would you like to feel uplifted as well? Watch the video :).

If you want for it to be subtitled in English, please leave a comment on our Facebook page 🙂 . I am asking because if there is interest, I’d do my best to make it possible to subtitle it :).

Once again, I am moved by strength of human spirit — mothers’ spirit most of all. So I invite you to watch it and hear what Nina says about how Trageschule course was for them and how it may help them to support parents in Ukraine.

And for me, this is what Trageschule about — opening doors, supporting each other, keeping our agreements because we care about the others. This what motivated me to e.g. make it to Kyiv (and, before that, in 2012, to take on the courses that were left without a facilitator after my ex-business partner stepped down). I value all of you who have trained with Trageschule, I value what difference you are making for the families, and want to give my 100% to supporting you :)!

Huge medications acne treatment thanks to Nina for her filming the video, editing it and being the star of this interview :)! And once again, thank you all who have attended a course with us, whether in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine or Malaysia, for being the stars too! And if you are interested in finding out more about training as a Trageschule consultant, please do get in touch 🙂 (or sign up to out newsletter on for more information).

Or if have already decided you would like to build up your confidence and get skills for teaching complete beginners (including sceptical people!) in 2.5 days’, sign up for our Trageschule Foundation Course in Shrewsbury :). To make it easy for you, I offer a gift of the doll’s and slings’ loan for the course :). Signing up is easy — email me at olga @ trageschule. co. uk for more information (delete the gaps). I look forward to seeing you on the course :)!

P.S. Have you noticed… I am also in the video 🙂 (it was rather a jittery and exciting experience 🙂 — can you tell?)!!! I hope to meet you in person on Shrewsbury course this September :)!

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