Course Information

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All courses are taught by English speaking instructors

Approximate duration

1. Day 1 17:00 – 21:00
2. Day 2 09:00 – 18:00
3. Day 3 09:00 – 16:00

I. Foundation Course:

The Foundation Course enables the participant to provide one-to-one support to parents learning babywearing. We aim to provide thorough grounding for developing your skills.

Course contents for the Foundation Course:

  • Different knots
  • Hipcarries ( short wrap and ringsling)
  • Front Wrap Cross Carry
  • Stretchy wrap
  • Back Carry
  • Soft structured carriers and Mei Tai’s
  • Physical exercises for parent and child
  • Physiological and psychological aspects of carrying
  • How to recognise what makes a good carry/carrier
  • Basics of methodical working
  • Designing a concept for an individual consultation

Included in the price ( the demo wrap is optional and a discount is available for those who choose not
to have it)

  • Extensive consultants handbook ( in English)
  • Written step by step instructions for use with consults
  • Knot learning wrap
  • Short Dresden Trageschule demo wrap
  • One time registration fee for the network of babywearing consultants
  • Registration on the list of babywearing consultants on the trageschule website
  • Access to the babywearing consulants-trageschule forum

II. Advanced Course:

The Advanced Course builds on participants’ ability to help parents learn babywearing in one-to-one context. In the advanced course, we target developing the participants’ abilities for sharing babywearing in multi-person environment (e.g. during a workshop)

Course contents for the Advanced Course:

  • Hipcarry with a long wrap
  • Front Cross Carry
  • Back Wrap Cross Carry
  • Different carriers:
  • Ringsling
  • Mei Tai
  • Soft Structured Carrier
  • Special needs babywearing
  • Workshop
  • Designing your own workshop
  • Discussing consultations and photoseries from carries taught in the Foundation course

Included in the price:

  • Handouts specific to material covered in the Advanced Course ( in English)
  • Written step by step instructions for use with consults

III. Certification Course

In this course, we aim to support participants’ in developing their babywearing skills, helping skills and babywearing presentation design and delivery skills to the level where they are, hopefully, comfortable to support their clients’ learning of babywearing in a variety of situations with a wide range of slings. On successful completion of this course, a Trageschule Certificate is awarded.

Course content for the Certification Course:

  • Individual presentation from all participants (prepared in advance as course work).
  • Reinforcing and deepening the knowledge of the techniques and methodology covered in the Foundation and Advanced courses.
  • Invaluable opportunity for feedback on course work and any relevant questions in the course of individual consultation.
  • An opportunity to practice with a range of types and brand names of baby carriers and slings and to receive feedback on technical skills

All our courses and seminars are based on extensive research and evidence . Our courses are designed to enable you to incorporate your own skills with the knowledge and skills gained at the course. We are proud to be part of the well established and recognised Trageschule network and would like to invite you to join us in our learning journey

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