Increasing Professionalism Part 1 – What’s in it for me?

1. What’s in it for me?

For many people, acknowledging the original work of the others means expressing appreciation of the work and the efforts of the author(s). In a way, it’s like saying “thank you”. For many, it also means acknowledging the connection with the work of those who came before them, and their connection with the others in the same field1.

For others, acknowledging others’ original work means adding credibility (e.g. for professional journalists and academics) and increasing the chances of their own work being accepted (e.g. for researchers) where this work may be visible to others who are familiar with publishing and research conventions (“Plagiarism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,” n.d.).

Also, for many it means contributing to the creation of a culture where everyone’s original work with be acknowledged as such!

The materials that babywearing consultants might produce for the wider public may include an informational leaflet, a video recording, a presentation hand-out or an article published on-line (publicly or privately): anything that can be saved and stored. From experience, and also going on feedback from other people, I believe that acknowledging sources may boost our chances to be taken seriously, especially when reaching out to the wider world,.

I like thinking in terms of a parallel buy online accutane between referencing our materials/acknowledging the sources and how we would wrap up our gifts. Imagine a situation where you meet a person who you do not know very well. In one case, imagine them giving you a gift packed carefully into some colourful wrapping paper, with a ribbon on top! …And also imagine receiving from the same person the same shape (you do not know what it is!) wrapped up in a torn plastic bag. The gift is still a gift, and the way that it is packaged may influence some people’s decisions to open it or to leave it! To go further with this example, imagine taking this gift package on the plane. Unless it fits the conventions of what passengers usually take on the plane, it may trigger some worry in your fellow travellers, or even extra attention from airline staff.

Does any of this resonate with you? Are there any other reasons you may think of that are true for you?

Let’s move on next to Part 2: how do we know whether work is original, derivative, or plagiarised?

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