Increasing Professionalism Part 2: Is it Original, Plagiarism or Derivative?

2. So how do I know whether it is original work or derivative or even plagiarism?

The following questions may help you decide whether this is original work or derivative (i.e. derived from other sources):

  1. Have I seen something similar somewhere?
  2. How similar was it? If I were to take away everything that is similar, would there be much of substance left?
  3. How do the publication dates compare on what I saw earlier vs what I am seeing now?
  4. If I have not seen it, are there people who have more knowledge in the field, and can they tell me if they saw anything similar?

We’ll use these questions below to decide whether the work in the example is original work or not. If you are interested further in the difference between derivative work and plagiarism, do check out this wikipedia link (“Originality – Wikipedia, the free buy accutane 20mg encyclopedia,” n.d.).

If you are interested in reading more on the subject, here are a few links for you (and I also credit these with my understanding of concepts above):

University of Cambridge University-wide statement on plagiarism (“University-wide statement on plagiarism:?: University of Cambridge,” n.d.)

Wikipedia on Plagiarism and derivative work (“Plagiarism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,” n.d.)

A series of amazing articles with pictures and examples by Kathryn V Williams on Artwork’s Copyright, Derivatives and Plagiarism Part 1 (Kathryn V Williams, n.d.)

QUOTE Side Note: Did you know that most films based upon novels are classified as derivative works?UNQUOTE

AND Part 2  (Kathryn V. Williams, n.d.)

Now, let’s turn to Part 3: Isn’t this all, well, rather academic?

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