A change in Trageschule structure in the coming year

We will be saying very sad good-byes to Anne McEwan, who is stepping down as a Director and Course Facilitator, for family reasons (see below). Olga Nguyen is continuing to be a Director and Course Facilitator for Trageschule UK. Olga and Anne are working together on the handover, to upheld and ensure the quality, reliability and continuity of the service that we deliver to our clients! Our intention is a smooth transition for everyone: no disruption is foreseen to the courses currently being planned.

Olga said: ‘I am grateful to Anne for our work together, and the amazing time we have had together on our  Trageschule adventure. I am confident that Trageschule UK will go from strength to strength, amongst other things, thanks to Anne’s contribution in building it up”.

Anne said: ”With sadness I am announcing that I am no longer going to be part of Trageschule UK. I have enjoyed working with Olga and all the course participants. Both my boys have in recent months been diagnosed with health conditions which mean I am having to rebalance my life and put them first.

For everyone who has worked with me: Thank you for being part of my year with Trageschule!

And for Olga a huge big thank you and good luck for the future with Trageschule. I am sure you will make it even more amazing then it already is!!

xx Anne”

We wish Anne the best of luck on her journey, and a lot of connected, joyful, happy moments with her family!

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