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IMG_8008I am thrilled to have received this success story from Ina Doyle (in the photo on the left), who has been supporting families since 2008! Ina completed her Foundation Course with Trageschule in 2011, and Trageschule Advanced Course in 2012. Read on to find out more on how the skills and knowledge Ina acquired in her training with Trageschule helped Ina to provide compassionate, empathetic and highly effective support with slings and carriers to so many parents. ( The testimonials of Ina’s clients speak for themselves :). Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Ina, mum of three, originally from Germany and living in Louth, Ireland for over 11 years now … Two of my many hats are being a volunteer for Babywearing Ireland and running bumptobeyond , offering parenting support through babywearing and breastfeeding (for now).

How was it for you before your Trageschule training?

I’ve grown up with keeping babies close in slings and breastfeeding them being the norm but found the mainstream attitude to parenting being very different here in Ireland when I had my first baby in 2007. A lot of my support was found online. I volunteered to manage a set of demo slings in the Northeast for Babywearing Ireland in early 2008. It was hard going, nobody had any interest in Sling Meets (how humbling, to organise and advertise and invite and explain …and nobody showing). I did demos at playgroups and breastfeeding groups, at pregnancy yoga, I did one-on-one support in my house. Slowly, mainly through the breastfeeding groups in Drogehda and the one I started with a friend here in Dundalk, more people started using slings. I knew about Babywearing Consultants in Germany, balancing supporting my expanding family financially and offering babywearing and breastfeeding support voluntarily became harder. And having a background in teaching, I was aware of my limitations in knowledge and comfort levels in the support I was offering.

How did you discover us?

Through Babywearing Ireland, the opportunity presented itself to do the Foundation Course with Trag UK here in Ireland. I saw taking the course as an opportunity to combine continuing to support parents and providing for my family financially, expanding my comfort levels.

What has your Trageschule training helped you achieve?

Little did I know the course would do more for me… I had started training as a Breastfeeding Counsellor before and observed Olga’s actions and especially words from that perspective. I learned A LOT about gentle, compassionate communication with parents, became a lot more aware of their vulnerability and my position in the support relationship. I remember a lot of lightbulb buy accutane in usa moments also when it came to breaking down steps for parents learning how to use a sling. It made a lot of sense to the teacher in me, it opened the door, built a bridge for my teacher training and passion for passing on babywearing and responsive parenting to combine.

After the course, I was a lot more confident in demo, sling meet and one-on-one situations which created a much calmer atmosphere for everyone.

Doing the Advanced Course one year after the Foundation Course, having more experience and increased awareness was incredibly beneficial to getting the most out of this step of the training. Again, I came out of it bigger.

When I first did the Trageschule training, I wasn’t sure about the focus on wrapping – not many people wrap here, certainly not as a starter sling … Over the years I’ve come to realise though, that knowing (about) good wrapping is the basis for solving a lot of “issues” clients encounter with other types of slings! Ulrike (editor’s note: Ulrike Hower, of Trageschule Dresden ® – Trageschule CIC “mother” organisation) and Olga do know what they are doing after all 😉 !

Your recommendations?

Two things myself and other participants who did the training with me found beneficial:
1. having experience using slings before doing the Foundation course lessens the intensity of the learning and flattens the learning curve
2. leaving a one year gap before the next step made processing information, asking questions and gaining from the advanced course easier

Thank you so much Ina for sharing your experience and your journey with us :)!

If you feel inspired reading this and wanted to do a Foundation Course for a while, we still have last few spaces left at Shrewsbury course 5-8 September 2014. On top of an outstanding value that the course is offering, you can claim £205 worth of bonuses, see details here . All you need to do is to book before 12 noon 28 June. Booking is easy!

If you are keen to get this extra pack of amazing teaching and advocacy materials, and extra support (from the comfort of your own home!) after the course to help you get started, make sure you book ASAP not to miss out! If it would help, feel free to add the reminder to your to-do list for Friday 27 June :).If you have any questions, please get in touch with Olga at olga @ .

I look forward to seeing you on one of the courses this year :).

**Photo used with permission, © Bumptobeyond

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