Certification Course, Hebden Bridge, 15-17 March 2013

Huge congratulations to our most recent Certification Course Graduates: Wibke Hott, Olwen Rowe, Tania Lawlor and Beth Beaney! We’ve had such an amazing weekend of learning, feedback, self-feedback, deepening the skills for teaching theoretical and practical side of babywearing, networking and mutual support. Thank you so much for trusting me to support your learning. The best of luck on your journeys supporting the parents and I’m looking forward to seeing you again at future Trageschule conferences and CPD events :).

And I’ll let the participants speak for themselves (and HUGE THANKS to everyone for this unsolicited feedback – I feel moved and touched to receive it 🙂 ).

Wibke Hott: “It was an amazing experience and a wonderful course!! So much learning, so much on offer in the preparation and course work, from Olga and from each other! Between Olga, Tania, Olwen, Beth and me we covered so many aspects of carrying babies in slings, discussed social-political contexts of our work and our beliefs, the application of our skills and talents, exciting research subjects, possible collaborations and also how we could strengthen our network, the support we can give each other, and this is how we can spread the Trageschule

Wibke Hott: “It was really such a wonderful experience, consolidating, reaffirming and life-changing in its application and follow through! …”

Olwen Rowe: “I arrived at Hebden Bridge bone tired and wondering if I was mad. And I left accutane birth defects feeling re-energised and inspired and more committed than ever to supporting parents and their babies! Olga facilitated so much learning and a deeper understanding of both techniques and handling babies in a truly gentle and supportive way. And I learned SO much from everyone else – I wish I had many many more hours to explore the ideas my fellow participants had presented with such passion and insight. I am so excited about the possibilities of ongoing peer support and collaborations. I can’t wait to see what directions new research takes! And as Tania and Wibke say, it so exciting thinking about how we can spread the Trageschule love!”

Beth Beaney: “Absolutely everything Olwen Rowe, Wibke Hott and Tania Lawlor said. It was outstanding, thank you Olga”

… and for those of you who have not made it to this Certification Course, we are offering another two this year (in the South), in Ipswich (2-4 August 2013) and Southampton (15 – 17 Nov 2013). The places are limited so do book early to make sure you’ve got one! Please email Olga at olga @ trageschule.co.uk (please delete the spaces from the email address) to book or with any enquiries.

… or, if you are thinking of training with Trageschule, why not to check out our upcoming courses or email Olga (see above) with any questions or to arrange a course in your area?

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