Dresden Trageschule mini-Conference (The Dresdner TrageTage), May 2013

Finally that I’m back home for a while, after a lot of travel during the spring and summer , it’s amazing to remember my time at the Trageschule Conference in Dresden in May for so many reasons!

If you have not heard about Trageschule Dresden TrageTage (literally translated as “Carrying Days”), there is a larger conference, and a smaller conference. A former is a large-scale event with more events, speakers and stalls, open for general public.  A latter is a CPD event for Trageschule consultants, and focuses on passing on the Trageschule updates to the carrying methods and techniques that the consultants learned during their Trageschule training, and offers networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, meeting the colleagues you have not met before, and deepening existing connections. Trageschule Dresden has been running the TrageTage Conferences since 2006.

The conference that I attended was a smaller conference.

I really enjoyed updates, tips, tricks and more learning at this event. I do truly believe that the learning never ends, and this conference has been a testimony to it for me. I believe that some of the participants attended their first Trageschule babywearing consultancy course close to a decade ago – and they have been sharing babywearing love ever since!

It was so lovely to see the colleagues from Germany and further afield. Even though it was a mini-conference, some of us hailed from Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia (as well as from Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK). Once again, this reminds me about truly international nature of Trageschule Dresden (and its affiliates!), and also about how well the training and the approach has worked over the years in so many different countries, to spread babywearing love to so many families, and to enable them to carry their babies in safety and comfort. It’s also been sweet to speak the same buy accutane 40 mg language – the language of babywearing! – and, this way, to get to talk with those whose languages I do not speak and who do not speak the languages that I do.

It’s been super-nice to meet the German and Austrian Trageschule fellow trainers in person, with some of whom I exchanged a fair few emails and messages, and put faces to names (and web pictures 🙂 ).

I am delighted to have met some of the team of Kaleb Centre at the Conference. Kaleb Centre is the organisation in Dresden that supports and promotes babywearing amongst other things that it offers to parents http://www.kaleb-dresden.de/ . I’ve been privileged to use one of the wraps embroidered with the name of the centre on its edge 🙂 (do I need to say it was very, very well- worn and super-soft :)? ).

I’m deeply grateful to Anja for making it possible to understand much more of what was said than I could have done otherwise :).

And coming back from the conference, it’s been lovely to share its friendly and happy spirit, as well as the technical and theoretical knowledge on the courses that I have offered since May 2013. I’m really looking forward to sharing it at at the courses at the end of this year and the start of 2014!

… And, with the blessing of Ulrike Hower of The Trageschule Dreden, I am really looking forward to offering Trageschule mini-conference next year in Manchester or nearby, to share all the updates from this May mini-conference.  I am looking forward to catching up with you then :)!

If you are not Trageschule trained and do not expect to attend one of the trainings before the Manchester mini-conference, there is a larger Trageschule conference in Dresden in October 2014 :).

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