Insurance discount for Trageschule trained Babywearing Consultants (including Sling Library option)

I am thrilled to announce that now Trageschule consultants can get babywearing consultancy and sling library insurance on the strength of their Trageschule training. Now getting your insurance as a Trageschule Graduate is easy and simple (see the details in the Consultants’ section of the website, see below how to get access). We have done our best to accommodate your request for the insurance for Trageschule consultants, and to secure a discount for you. Now as a Trageschule-trained babywearing consultant, you can get insurance either though this option, or, as before, after joining BABI . Hopefully, more choices of insurance will mean greater peace of mind for both you and the parents and babies who you support.

Trageschule consultants who are the UK and Irish residents, or the residents of Holland, buy acne medication online Gibraltar and France are eligible to this insurance. More EU countries are being added as we speak – please ask if in doubt 🙂 . The insurance covers your working world-wide (apart from the USA and Canada). I believe that in this respect, this insurance well suits the international profile of our Graduates :).

Just right now, with the discount, £73 p.a. would cover your activities related to sharing babywearing (see the insurer’s leaflet for the details, insurer’s T&C apply). The combined Sling Library and Babywearing Insurance is £84.77.

The insurance details can be accessed via the Consultants’ section of out website. See the access details on the Trageschule Babywearing Consultants’ group, or email me at olga @ .

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