“It’s all because of you that I can do the workshops and make these mamas happy”

I have not blogged for a while as my life has been very full recently with some fantastic Trageschule courses, supporting Trageschule-trained Babywearing Consultants on their journeys, and being away for work and with family. I am truly grateful to everyone who has been rooting for Trageschule and helping make the courses happen 🙂 . And today I feel moved to share a wonderful success story about spreading Babywearing Love and skills from one of Trageschule Advanced Course Graduates Joanna Harding (Babywearing Consultant Trageschule Advanced course, Liverpool Sling Library ).

This has made my heart sing and has totally made my day 🙂 . I hope it inspires you too.

Here is what Joanna said: “It’s all because of you that I can do the workshops and make these mamas happy” when I emailed her the congratulations on some AMAZING feedback Joanna received after her babywearing workshop from her satisfied workshop participants (see below).

It is feedback like this, and the knowledge that those who trained with me are making good use of their training and helping so many other parents and babies to benefit from it, that makes my work so worthwhile and rewarding. Hearing from you lets me know that there are ripples of learning, support, kindness, skills that are being sent into the world and reaching more and more mothers and babies. So I want to say big thank you to those of you who trained with Trageschule and keeps spreading Babywearing Love!

All comments and photos used with permission (from Joanna). And here is what Joanna’s workshop participants told her:
10300682_10152070509634599_7256471420285947580_n“I tried M on my back when I got home, she loved it, she was chatting away and having a good look around! Thank you so much for teaching me all I know buy cheap accutane about wraps and wrapping, my only regret is that I didn’t do it with my first two! It’s the best feeling in the world having your baby so close and knowing you can calm them in an instant. You are a wonderful teacher and I recommend your workshops to everyone x”


10323047_10152070508389599_1219881044_n“I agree, V! I got F straight into a ruck first go after she’d had a good sleep. It felt so comfy and safe. She must have loved it because she fell straight back to sleep again!! Thanks for your patience, Jo, it was a lovely session!“.

And in turn, I am grateful for the skills for babywearing support and teaching that are UNIQUE to Trageschule (including Trageschule teaching and carrying techniques that evolved over the last 15 years). I am really confident that using those skills would mean helping parents to achieve success with carrying their babies. Would you like to add those skills to your toolbox as well and be able to successfully and empathetically help the parents learn babywearing, and to feel more confident and unstoppable in your sharing babywearing? Do ask us ( care @ trageschule.co.uk or Simo at chibisimo @ hotmail.com , please delete the gaps) about our next Foundation Course in Shrewsbury in September (registration timeline 1 June 🙂 ) . And if you completed one of our Foundation Courses and would love to run workshops as amazing as Joanna’s, I am confident that our Advanced course would give you the skills for doing it (as long as you are willing to use them after the course 🙂 ). You can see our Graduates’ testimonials here :). And I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming courses.

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