Trageschule Foundation Course, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 2014

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have just got back from Trageschule Foundation Course in Kyiv, Ukraine and I really want to share with you what an amazing inspirational course it has been. I feel touched and warm and truly humbled to remember the passion and the commitment that the course participants (now Babywearing Consultants – Trageschule Foundation Course) have for supporting the families and the babies even in this time of upheaval and uncertainty. We started organising the course nearly a year ago, when no-one had an inkling about how the events would develop. I am really grateful to everyone who made it on the course. One of the course participants made it from Odessa. The other one made it with a one and a half month old baby – from Severodonetsk, where 50 km from the town the war zone starts. We have missed one of the course participants who could not make it out of the war zone. I am also hugely grateful to Nina Zaychenko, who organised and coordinated the course through all changes in circumstances and despite the recent political events. Given all that, the very least I could do was to make it to the course myself and give it my 100%! Together, we all made the course happen, and made it a success for everyone :). I am really grateful that now the Babywearing Consultants in the Ukraine can support the parents and babies with the techniques that help absolute beginners to achieve success and confidence in using slings. And what is more, I hope they would be unstoppable in spreading babywearing love, now that they have ways to share research, which get the message across effectively and compassionately. And I am confident they would be greatly helped in their work with the effective communication skills learnt on the course that would enable them to navigate the trickiest order accutane online sling consultancy situations with grace, confidence and intention for everyone to win! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I am also totally grateful for the enthusiasm and hard work that everyone has put into this course (in-between tending to their work and the children during the breaks and after the end of every day!). It has been a joy to observe everyone’s skills growing from one round of teaching to the next, with the support of each other and my feedback and support. I am deeply appreciative that now Babywearing Consultants in Ukraine have joined Trageschule Network 🙂 (watch this space for their names and contact details being added :)! ). And I look forward to continuing our journey together during Advanced course (which I has already been asked about 🙂 ). If you feel inspired reading this post, or happy that there are people all over the world who are passionate about helping parents to keep their babies safe and close, no matter what may be going on in the place where they are, do spread this story by linking to it or Liking us or the story on Trageschule Facebook page. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIf you are also passionate about helping mothers, families and babies, no matter what, and you want to be able to help anyone interested in babywearing, be in an absolute beginner or a more experienced sling user, and are interested in joining us at a Trageschule course, do get in touch with us at care @ (please delete spaces). We still have spaces on Trageschule Foundation Course in Shrewsbury in September, and spaces on the Advanced Trageschule course in November in Hebden Bridge. Booking is easy, again, email us at care @ with any questions or queries. If you are outside the UK, for Malaysian courses this year, do get in touch with Izam at isuziani @ .

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