April 2013 London Foundation Course

It’s been an amazing course – thank you so much everyone for attending and helping make it so wonderful! I still remember everyone’s enthusiasm and passion for learning and for supporting parents :). We’ve had a balance of practical, hands-on learning and finding fun and relevant ways to delve into the theory too :). I feel warm, touched and happy when remembering how much in common we all on the course had, and the sense of mutual support, friendship and community, regardless of where we traveled from to attend the course (some of us hailed from the UK, and some from Bulgaria, Denmark and Netherlands).

The venue in Islington was easy to get to, friendly and convenient – thank you Jacki for finding it – and the weather was warm and sunny, with lots of flowers. It has also been really lovely to meet up with some of Trageschule trained consultants in London – you know who you are, and thank you for joining us for the lunch breaks. This is one of the things that I do love about Trageschule, the connection and support within the community, and getting the updates on how your accutane reviews work and volunteering around supporting others’ to learn safe and comfortable babywearing is going.

Special thanks to Jacki Davenport for all support, love and effort that she has put into organising the course and supporting me with the logistics of it. And huge thanks to Trageschule Certified Consultant (and Mama Natura owner) Becky Derham for her support with different aspects of organising the course and logistics.

If you missed this course and would love to join us on one of the London courses planned for 2013, please do get in touch with Olga at olga@trageschule.co.uk or Jacki at jacki@mamanatura.co.uk about availability for the May Foundation Course in Islington (we may get some last-minute spaces available). There are places available on October Foundation Course as well, and as they usually book fast, we’d encourage you to get in touch to reserve yours as soon as you make your decision. Likewise, please get in touch with Olga or Jacki if you have any questions or want any information for making your decision about attending the course, we’d be happy to help.

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