Moscow, Russia, Trageschule course, Summer 2013 :)

Now that it is getting colder and so autumnal, I remember the baking hot days in Moscow, during the Trageschule course in June 2013. Even my children still remember how hot it was, especially in Moscow Metro! Thinking of the course brings back warm and happy memories of so much learning that we did together, the laughter, the fun and the enthusiasm and deep care of everyone at the course about supporting the parents and babies to the best of their skills and abilities. And in that weather, it was as well that our venue, a local Children’s Arts School, was pleasantly cool. So even with all the learning Trageschule techniques and practicng teaching them, we did not work up a sweat! Our special thanks to the venue, and to Dasha and Yulia for finding the venue and liasiing with it :).

The participants at Moscow course were from different locations, from various areas of Moscow itself to Perm’ (in the Urals). Also, generic accutane with this course, Moscow gained its first trained babywearing consultant who is also a health professional.

The participants of this course really made the best use of the communication skills module and worked on a variety of situations using the effective communication skills. On this course, in this module, I remember so much enthusiasm for experiential learning, including using supported role-plays and coaching for gaining skills for transforming a variety of challenging situations.

Everyone was deeply grateful to an amazing breastfeeding counsellor and babywearing consultant, who, single-handedly, with an on-off assistance of the children’s Mums, kept the older little ones (mostly) happy, peaceful and entertained (can you spot this rather impressive shortie hammock? there were two at least; only one made it into the photos 🙂 ).

If you are interested in organising a course in Russia or in Russian language next year, please get in touch with Olga at .

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