Press-release: Trageschule website, now in Russian :)!

I invite you to join me in the celebration of the long-awaited arrival of the Russian language version of our website in Russian. To read it, all you need to do (as long as you can read in Russian 🙂 ) is to click on the Russian flag on the right-hand side of your screen.

I hope that this may support Trageschule-trained Babywearing Consultants in Russia.  And I also hope that having the site in Russian may also help everyone interested in bringing a Russian-language Trageschule course to their location.

I’m super-grateful to those who have helped out with the website side of things to make it possible,  and to the wonderful translator who translated most of it. You know who you are :)! There are couple of pages accutane online cheap buy that have been added later and are still being translated, please stay tuned for their content being available in Russian too.

And, finally, huge thanks to everyone who studied with Trageschule in Russia, for your support and inspiration!

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