Season’s Greetings :)!

HNY1I want to wish everyone a really happy New Year, and all the best in 2014 (and I hope that you have really enjoyed Christmas).

Here are ten highlights (out of many more 🙂 ) from my Trageschule work in 2013 (in no particular order):

1. The courses in the UK, Russia and Ireland … Now more parents and babies, from Tomsk in Siberia to Ireland and Northern Ireland can benefit from qualified support! Check out the previous blogposts to see the photos and the reports and to get more idea of what a Trageschule course may be like :)!

2. We have had two more male babywearing consultants joining Trageschule network in 2013 :), and more sling vendors and health professionals trained with us too.

3. I am also feeling humbled and very grateful remembering some amazing unsolicited feedback (e.g. here and here – and stay tuned for more :)!) that I have received throughout the year.

4. It also has been great to be able to support the Irish Babywearing Fair and a Babywearing group and Natural Mamas’ Birthday celebration with some donations of babywearing art prints and posters :).

5. Babywearing educator’s insurance deal now being available to Trageschule Graduates is another highlight of 2013 for me (and the work that went into sorting it out 🙂 )!

6. It has also been amazing to receive your feedback on my article and know that it may have contributed to increasing professionalism in Babywearing Support and Education accutane 10 mg :).

7. I still have warm memories of the community, learning and networking at Dresden Trageschule mini-conference – and am happy to think that now this option is also available for Trageschule Graduates in the UK, Ireland and beyond :). The registration is still open for May mini-conference!

8. Now Trageschule website is available in Russian!

9. I’m incredibly grateful for the support of our Medical Advisors in 2013, who supported Trageschule trained Babywearing consultants with relevant information for a wide range of additional needs situations, from carrying babies born breech to a winged scapula in a parent. Huge thanks to all of you again!

HNY210. During Trageschule courses in 2013, I have met so many amazing people (you know who you are!), who are passionate about being there for the parents. I’m really looking forward to keeping in touch over phone, email or Trageschule consultants’ group, and to seeing you again at Advanced and Certification courses and the CPD event/mini-conference in 2014!

Once again, I want to say huge thanks to all of you who supported Trageschule UK, Ireland and Russia in 2013! Thank you for choosing us for being with you on your journey of helping the parents and babies.

Stay tuned for more Trageschule news and updates in 2014. Registration is still open for the Foundation Course in Hebden Bridge (February 2014) and for the Advanced course in Hebden Bridge (March, confirmed). I’m looking forward to seeing you and meeting you in 2014!

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