Trageschule course in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia – June 2013

As I’m settling back in the UK for the autumn, getting ready for the next lot of Trageschule courses in the UK, I want to share some happy memories of the courses this summer with you :).

The first Russian course in 2013 was in June 2013 in Tomsk. It was worth it traveling there for pretty much 24 hours (including airport layovers!) and arriving there at 6am and facing 4 degrees Centigrade temperatures outside the airport! [Luckily for all of us, it did warm up to mid-twenties on the following days!]

Huge thanks to Ol’ga Pleskan’ and Alla Kornilova for organising the course :), and for inviting me. The course participants hailed from Tumen’, Irkutsk and the area of Novokuznetsk, as well as from Tomsk itself.

It has been amazing to support everyone on the course in deepening their skills and knowledge for the work buy isotretinoin with the parents that they do. It’s also been absolutely amazing to hear from some of you after the course (you know who you are!), and to be told about the successes that you had helping parents learn babywearing with Trageschule techniques and the approach :)!

And it’s also been wonderful to see some of Tomsk after the course hours – I am sharing some pictures of it here for you to enjoy :).

If you want to join us on the Foundation course, we have courses coming up in the UK in autumn :). We still have spaces on London and Doncaster courses in October, and Dublin (Ireland) course in November :). Please get in touch with for more information and to book. I’m looking forward to you joining us there!

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