To celebrate an AMAZING year for Trageschule :)…

The last Foundation course for 2014 in the UK (in Shrewsbury) is getting closer! So to celebrate an AMAZING year for Trageschule :), and as a thank you to those who have booked on this last UK Foundation course of 2014 already (and to those who may do before 28 June*), I am thrilled to offer two equally amazing bonuses. If you have booked on the course already, you get them automatically (unless you choose not to 🙂 ).

The Foundation course offers outstanding value as is, with £125 worth of teaching/consultancy materials included in the training kit AND teaching methods and techniques that have empowered so many of our Graduates to achieve amazing results (e.g. see this, this and this success stories and our Feedback). With these bonuses, I believe that the value of what you get would be even higher :). If you are interested, do read on :)!

Bonus 1 (worth £45 RRP) trag offer(1)

Book by 28 June* and get a teaching and advocacy pack of Babywearing posters and art prints worth £45 (RRP).

All of them were created to show babies in a variety of slings in physiologically optimal positions. So I do believe that they make for effective peripheral learning :). I also do believe that fewer details than a photograph and simplicity of the colours may be soothing and attractive to those of us in heightened “right-brain” states (e.g. many parents of newborns, expecting parents or breastfeeding mothers).

I was told by a local GP (who is a babywearing mother) that the Art Prints grace the walls of her surgery, and during our recent Kyiv Foundation course, two of the posters went to live in an Antenatal Clinic in Kyiv :). And you can see the posters made it to the Irish Babywearing Conference and were used for a presentation there :). Many Trageschule Graduates use A5 Babywearing Prints as a small gift after the consultation or workshop, too.

The posters and Art Prints are exclusive to Trageschule CIC. You may be surprised to find out that, as the artist who created these Art Prints and Posters, I have been asked to sign them a few times :). If this is something you would like as well, just ask at the course :).

Bonus 2 (worth £160 RRP)

If you want to carry over the enthusiasm, confidence and sense of community from the course into your daily Babywearing Consultancy work, volunteering, or the other ways you spread the babywearing love, you can get it from the comfort of your home, AFTER the course! All you need to participate is a phone line or Internet access (for Skype or similar).

With this bonus, you have four 1.5 hour sessions of group coaching – with the same people who you were on the course generic accutane cheap prices with! What you would get out of it:

– support from people you have met in person and know (including myself), and, hopefully, feel comfortable with

– encouragement and non-judgemental feedback that would boost your confidence

– a sounding board for fine-tuning your plans and strategies as you put them into action

– resources that suit YOU to work out any tricky situations: we would take the time to work out these situations to your satisfaction (rather than random suggestions that do not suit YOU from people who do not know YOU)

– information and ideas that are supported by evidence (rather than opinions), which would save you time checking, double-checking and cross-checking the reliability of what you get

– a friendly environment and a community of people who you met, where you can grow and blossom. So often I hear from the course participants that they have made friends on the course and it’s sad to part… by meeting up over a group call, you get to hear each other again

– real-time interaction to make sure you can clarify anything that is not crystal clear (rather than having to wrestle time from your busy schedules because of something you have misunderstood, as can sometimes happen with written communication over the Internet)

Having recently supported a few people in this way, and having had similar support and coaching myself on and off, I trust that the benefits that you can get from this are amazing. And I am thrilled to offer this to you as a one-off bonus, so that you can have these benefits too.

If you decide to take what you are doing with babywearing to a new level (and get even more value out of a course that already delivers a ton of value, if the testimonials of our Graduates are to be believed – see links above 🙂 ), we still have some spaces available on Shrewsbury course.For more information and booking form , email Simo at chibisimo @ (delete the gaps).

And if you are interested in these bonuses (total value £205, on top of £125 worth of consultancy/teaching materials you receive in your training kit), do add a reminder to your calendar: e.g. 12 midnight 27 June if you think 36 hours will leave you enough time to make your booking!

I look forward to seeing you at the course! 🙂

*to qualify, your booking form and deposit must reach us by 12 noon on 28 June 2014

*the offer is only applicable to original bookings and is not transferable to anyone who may be taking over your booking after 28 June 2014

*The bonuses are only valid with the original booking and are not for resale. *Both bonuses are receivable only if the Shrewsbury course is attended

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