Trageschule: helping you to help the parents, successfully!

yellow rosesMy heart sings at having received this unsolicited feedback from one of recent Trageschule Graduates:

QUOTE I have met up with my friend and all the tips I gave her made her feel that she can carry her little girl. It was very nice to see that the method works ;)UNQUOTE (Iwona ML, shared with the author’s permission).

Reading this, I feel happy and warm and satisfied. One of the reasons for my feeling this way is hearing yet about another parent’s helped by a Trageschule consultant to babywear in safety and comfort. The other one is remembering how often I have heard a delighted ‘It works!!’ from Trageschule-trained consultants who applied their skills and knowledge acquired at the course and fully used Trageschule approach to accompany a parent through their learning a new carry :).

This also makes me remember my own experiences. By the time I attended a Trageschule course (when these became available in the UK in 2008), I had been babywearing for about four years, and had been helping other parents to learn babywearing for the most of that time 🙂 (one-to-one and in groups). By that time, I already had fantastic training, feedback and CPD opportunities as a lay trained breastfeeding counsellor, and through my learning of Nonviolent Communication. Yet, I found the approach shared at Trageschule courses I attended incredibly useful, both in terms of how we would help the parents learn and the ‘what’, the learning choices available to the parents. I noticed, how, when applied consistently, the approach would deliver the results, with people belonging to different cultures and social groups and babies of different ages.

It has been especially gratifying this summer to see some of the parents who I helped to learn cheap accutane 30mg babywearing, using Trageschule method, in 2008, fresh out of my own consultancy training. Some of them went on to have more children. For me, it’s been amazing and especially gratifying to see how, despite the time that has passed – five years, no less! – the way that they used the technique and the results were consistent with what they learnt five years ago :). Imagine acquiring a life skill that you would use for this length of time, sometimes for many hours a day. Knowing the quality of Trageschule approach and carrying methods, I see it as a true investment into one’s back health and into the ease and comfort of one’s life with a baby.

Since 2008, I experienced it so many times in my work with the parents and have heard it from so many Trageschule consultants that, when applied in their wholeness and consistently, for so many people, the methods and approach would deliver the results. The results often are safe and comfortable babywearing, physiologically optimal baby positioning in the sling, and the parent’s feeling reaffirmed and empowered. The satisfaction and delight of these experiences have been my major motivation in taking my Trageschule learning further to offer trainings to those who support the parents.

If you, too, want to learn these highly effective, tried-and-tested ways to help the parents achieve their babywearing success, we’d be delighted to see you at our next Foundation course in Hebden Bridge . If you are interested, please get in touch with Olga at olga @ with any questions or to book . I look forward to hearing from you and to your joining us at the course :)!

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