Trageschule talks this year

So far, these are a few places where Trageschule has been this year. I took Trageschule to BOSS Fair in Wigan (thank you Jennie for inviting me 🙂 and organising the fair) where I really enjoyed the company of some Trageschule Babywearing Consultants (you know who you are and I look forward to seeing you again at the end of the summer 🙂 ).

There was a Trageschule talk (in Russian!) at the Russian Sling Conference 2012. Huge thanks for everyone’s bearing with me through the small patches of technical difficulties :), and thank you for the questions, interest and appreciation!

There’s a Trageschule presentation coming up at the Attached Fair in York 10.45-11.15am on 8 July (this Saturday!), so if you have been wondering about attending a Trageschule course either the next weekend in Hebden or in November 2012 in York, I’d love to see you and hear any questions you may have there :).

And, we are also going to Natural Mamas Camp at Banbury, Oxfordshire, 27-29 July, and the Natural Mamas Northern Meet at the Lakes District 2-4 November. Both of these can be an opportunity to have an informal chat with Olga and ask her your questions about Trageschule courses.

Watch this space for more talks coming up, and I hope to see you sometime this year!

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