Trageschule Posters, Postcards and Irish Babywearing Fair – Wearing a Hug

With it being Halloween today, gifting and posting the Halloween postcards/art prints (featuring my artwork), which was amongst the others that I donated to Babywearing Ireland for Wearing a Hug Fair, reminded me of the fair itself. [A hint: it is not one of the pictures you can see in this post :)… If you are not sure which print it may be, look for further hints here ]. So I thought I’d tell you about the fair, which was the huge success by the sounds of it :). I am really happy to have been able to support this non-for-profit organisation and all the amazing work it has been doing though this donation.

I have not made it there this year and enjoyed it vicariously through looking at the photos. It’s been especially lovely to see my babywearing postcards/art prints and A3 posters in this picture too :). By the way, if you want to support Babywearing Ireland too, you can get some remaining babywearing Seasons’ Greetings cards (my artwork) from them. All sales proceeds from these donated cards go to Babywearing Ireland 🙂 . Sending and gifting the cards/art prints that portray babywearing and family life may be one way to spread babywearing love AND support a good cause :). Also, many of those who got these cards from me in the past were not a part of the slinging generic accutane 30 mg world: they found the colours and peaceful happy scenes called to them 🙂 .

Back to the fair photos, I have been so thrilled to spot so many familiar faces of those of you who have trained with Trageschule in the photos! If you want to check it out yourself… how many of our graduates can you spot there :)?

It has been expecially sweet to see that Trageschule visual teaching aids were being put to good use during the talk by Trageschule Certified Consultant Olwen Rowe 🙂 in this photo. And even sweeter to see her son asleep in the baby carrier whilst she was delivering her talk!

As the Irish Babywearing Fair goes, I really cherish my invitation to it next year and intend to make it (major emergencies notwithstanding) :). And if you want to join Trageschule Graduates in Ireland, we have last few spaces remaining on the Foundation course in Central Dublin 15-17 November. Contact me at olga @ (delete spaces in the email address) to book a space or with any questions . I look forward to seeing you in Dublin – or at the Fair next year 🙂 (or sometime in-between 🙂 ).

A note: all photos are shared with the kind permission of the copyright holder, Mike LePage. Thank you Mike and Babywearing Ireland.

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