Want to support Babywearing Northern Ireland and get some babywearing Christmas cards?

To continue the topic of Seasons’ Greetings Babywearing Postcards/Art Prints, for those of you in the UK who want to support a good babywearing cause and spread some babywearing love with the cards that you send and gift for Christmas and New Year :), I donated the remaining Seasons’ Greetings cards (artwork by me) to support the amazing work of the Northern Irish Babywearing Group. I feel excited and delighted to know about the work that they have been doing and I thought I’d share it with you :)! So, f you want to hear more about them, or to find out where to get the cards, read on :)!

I heard about what the group has managed to achieve from one of the Trageschule Certified Babywearing Consultants, Beth Beaney. Through their NI group, Beth and the others have managed to bring together many parents and, at least for these families, mend the divide that many others efforts of other organisations have not managed to bridge! This group has done it through the shared love of babywearing and care about the babies.

This is something that is precious for me and unities the themes that I hold dear: the love of babywearing, the care for other ordering accutane online parents, building the community and a desire for peace. I am so inspired, humbled and hopeful when I think of the work done by this group. I’m also very grateful that, through my Trageschule work, I got to meet Beth, witness her journey in supporting the parents via sharing babywearing through the very first Trageschule Foundation course, then the Advanced and Certification courses, and get to know about her and others’ work in Northern Ireland. I hope that Babywearing Northern Ireland will go from strength to strength, with two more Babywearing Consultants (Trageschule Foundation Course), Chrisy Bracewell and Claire Douglas, supporting the parents in Northern Ireland.

If you too would like to support the group’s work and help them with fundraising, please get in touch with Beth at beth@lovetobenatural.co.uk . All proceeds from the postcards sales will go to support the group. It’s the last of these Christmas cards for the year, and when they are gone, they are gone, so get in touch with Beth ASAP and get them whilst they last :). And, you can share this story with someone else this coming festive season – whilst spreading babywearing love.

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