Why attend a Trageschule UK Advanced course?

From the feedback from our Foundation courses’ participants, we are hearing how our graduates are going from strength to strength, putting their impressive skills to good use. These skills are utilised in many areas, from offering babywearing consultations to one-to-one help at Sling Libraries, Sling Meets, supporting friends, and just spreading sling love when babywearing themselves safely, comfortably – and beautifully. So, why consider an Advanced Course?

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As a Trageschule UK Foundation course graduate, have you started getting many requests for babywearing help in special needs situations? Or, perhaps, once or  twice, you have been feeling a bit out of your depth as a Babywearing Consultant in your encounters with health professionals? Having mastered the art of one-to-one support, have you wondered about spreading babywearing love through running workshops, where, in addition to learning an indispensable skill, expecting and new parents would also get a chance to meet and connect with other parents? Have you been wishing for a greater repertoire of back carries to offer to those wanting more choice when carrying a heavier baby or an older child? Or, perhaps, you would really love to deepen your understanding of various Trageschule carrying techniques and hone your helping skills even further?

Advanced Course Hebden Bridge 2011

Advanced Course Hebden Bridge 2011

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, our Advanced course may be an answer! As word spreads of the effective and easy way to learn babywearing with a Trageschule UK course graduate, many of our graduates find that carrying on to build their skills for successful babywearing support really gives them the cutting edge in catering for parents’ babywearing needs even better.

With the new carrying methods you would learn during the course, you would be even better placed to support parents in situations where a parent or child has special accutane online pharmacy needs. In-depth learning of an approach for ‘special needs’ situations would increase your confidence of how to serve the needs of your clients with ‘special needs’ more fully. Having worked through different aspects of planning, organising, and running a workshop (including group dynamics) – or any other facilitated multi-person environment – would likely boost your confidence and skills for running a workshop. Your one-to-one space with the facilitator may be a perfect opportunity to work on any aspects of your babywearing work (or vocation!) that you would like to focus on. Having worked on the course assignment, you may develop deeper insights on how you share babywearing, which areas you would like to concentrate on to take you where you want to be (or to stay where you are!), and developing your self-reflection and self-feedback skills for more effective babywearing support.

Learning about Babywearing and Special Needs Situations

Here is what our Advanced course graduates say about their experience of Advanced Course:

“I see there is still a lot to learn” (Mica Škoberne)

“Huge area, still lots to think of” (Wendy Sheard, on ‘Supporting Parents and Babies with Special Needs’ part of the course)

“Excellent course. Really inspired now.” (Wendy Sheard)

“A combination of an increase in confidence and clarification of several questions I had about how to respond to clients’ questions – also exchanging ideas and experiences with others” (Emma Gilmour, in response to ‘Would you be willing to write a sentence or two what it is that has contributed to your current levels of inspiration?’)

Our next Advanced courses are 17-18 March in Hebden Bridge, and September (dates to be confirmed) in Dublin, Ireland.

If you have any questions, or would like to book, please get in touch with Olga at olga@trageschule.co.uk .

Thanks for reading and I hope you will join us for one of these trainings this year!

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