Why you should train with us!

Someone asked me why she should train with us before she booked her course and I thought I should share my reply!

Trageschule UK is a Franchise of Die Trageschule Dresden. This means that we have access to all their materials, research and experience. All our trainers have completed specific training to enable them to teach the courses effectively and efficiently.

We have worked very hard with Ulrike Hower from Die Trageschule Dresden – an international babywearing educator with decades of experience in the field – to adapt the Trageschule Curriculum to the UK market. This involved extensive research, consultation with professionals and hours and hours of hard but enjoyable work.

Trageschule has a clearly defined philosophy we do not make decisions for consultants or parents but aim to equip both with the tools to make their own decisions. When you empower someone to make a decision for themselves the outcome is so much more powerful then if you make the decision for them.

Trageschule UK is the only UK based school with BABI approval. This means that when you complete your training through us you can join BABI and make use of their buy accutane online usa resources and insurance deals.

We provide a comprehensive material pack with our courses. You will receive a detailed handbook in English as well as a special Hoppediz teaching wrap and a demonstration wrap by Didymos with the Trageschule Logo. Additional materials are available at a cost during or after the course. We are continually expanding on our range of teaching materials and more will be available in 2012.

Trageschule UK has trained over 50 consultants in the first year. You will join a professional network and will be able to access our CPD courses at a reduced rate!

Our courses are suitable for participants of all backgrounds and experiences! The course enables you to integrate our systematic approach with your own unique skills. No two parents with babies are the same and no two consultants are the same either. We aim to help you find solutions not problems.

And lastly because we would love to have you as part of our network! We believe that each individual has important skills and experience to bring to our network and we hope to have you join soon!

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