Trageschule: facts vs interpretations, Part 2

If you enjoyed reading how the Trageschule T&C support our Graduates in offering safe and quality support to the parents in Part 1 of this blogpost, here is Part 2. Enjoy! This respondent has asked to remain anonymous.

Can you tell us in a couple of sentences how the Trageschule T&C have been for you? «I received a copy of the Trageschule T&Cs before commencing my Foundation course. I took time to read them which did throw up some questions for me that I wanted to have answered. I went about resolving these questions by contacting Olga by email, she was very forthcoming with her response and provided in depth, full answers that gave me the clarity I was seeking. For me the Trageschule T&Cs have ensured that I didn’t «run before I could walk» with regards to my skills and working with parents, carers and babies. Thus the T&Cs along with Olga’s reflective teaching style has ensured my safety and the safety of those I have and will work with. In addition the T&Cs ensure I always work within the limits of my insurance which is invaluable as I take pride in what I have to offer and the level of thought and consideration I give to the safety and security of those I work with. Furthermore, the T&Cs have instilled in me the values that I feel underpin the Trageschule methodology and techniques.»

How has it been for you re videos — in that Trageschule’s T&C asking you not to make instructional videos using Trageschule techniques (to help ensure the safety and quality of tuition)? «I have not had any problems with the T&Cs with regards to making videos. Simply, I do not make them and I do not find this a problem. I enjoy sharing photographs with my clients and likers on Facebook and am still able to do this in a fun, creative and useful way without breaching Trageschule T&Cs. When asked if I do or could make a video, I feel able and confident enough to explain why I don’t. For me, the skill of babywearing is one that should be passed on person to person in a 1-2-1 or group setting and if a client has not learnt enough from me during a consultation or workshop and thus requires a video, I’d be asking myself questions about my delivery/teaching OR asking my client what I could have done differently or what else they need to feel confident without needing to reply on a video. I do not feel that not making videos of Trageschule techniques devalues what I have to offer in any way. On the contrary, I think it ensures the safety and quality of what I offer and I am certain my clients value this.»

How has it been for you that Trageschule T&C ask you to act within the limits of your training (the same as the insurance T&C do)? I have been happy to wait before completing my next stages of training on my Trageschule journey with respect of acting within the T&Cs. This has not been a problem; in fact it has ensured that I have had time to approach my ideas in a thought out and considered manner rather than rushing in.

How has it been for you that T&C ask you to complete the appropriate level of training before starting to teach Trageschule techniques to those who would themselves be teaching parents (again, for safety and quality reasons, as well as to stay cheap accutane no prescription within insurance T&C)? «I have been volunteering at a local sling library alongside my Trageschule training and have never had a problem working in this environment with regards to the T&Cs; it has just meant that I have had to amend the way I work with those people in those circumstances. For example, helping them the most I can without using specific Trageschule techniques and recommending a 1-2-1 consultation if they wish to receive my full expertise and tuition. With regards to working with other babywearing consultants that are not Trageschule trained, I have just been very clear about what I do and how I do things being for their benefit as a parent and NOT for use as a professional. I am always very happy to be open and honest with people regarding this.»

How has it been for you that T&C ask you to do some CPD every three years (e.g. to complete the next course level, or to get the updates to the carrying techniques and research at Trageschule conferences or mini-conferences)? As yet, I have not completed any CPD as I have only recently completed my Trageschule training to Certification level, but in due course I will look forward to these sessions to keep my skills fresh and my knowledge as up to date as possible for the benefit of myself as a professional and the parents, carers and babies that I work with.

How has it been for you that Trageschule T&C ask you to stay within copyright laws (e.g. when using someone else’s copyrighted work that is not covered by existing agreements between you and them, to ask for their permission first?)? «I have found the course materials more than sufficient in terms of working with parents and carers. However, it is frustrating that not all written instructions are available for all of the carries that we learn on Foundation, Advanced and Certification courses (e.g. double hammock, mei tai back carry, back wrap cross carry). This is something I will be contacting Ulrike Hower about in the near future; my experience of her responding to such enquires has been excellent, she is helpful and understanding.

Anything else about T&C that has been relevant to your work/volunteering that you want to tell us about :)? “Whenever I have had questions about copyright, Olga and Ulrike have been my first port of call and I have always been delighted with the response.»

If you are considering attending one of our courses and have any questions about T&C/Agreement, do get in touch. I’d be happy to answer your questions over the phone or email. We have two Foundation Courses coming up in 2015 :). Hebden Bridge in the North: 27 February – 1 March 2015 (contact olga @ uk for more details or how to book), and London one in the South: 17-19 April 2015 in North London near Kings Cross (contact olga @ uk (delete the gaps in the email 🙂 ) for more details or how to book) . Watch this space for more dates being announced for the Advanced and Certification Courses. Also, you may be able to take an advantage of a new deal when booking two levels together. This way you would get value-packed,  five days’ worth of intensive training, empowering you to take your ability to help parents to a new level,  with a time in-between to catch up with your family, work/volunteering and life, and to support others your new skills :)!

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